Sunday, 24 July 2016

Recalled To Prison

If you breach your conditions you will be recalled to prison. 
When your wife and kids have stood by you and supported you through a prison sentence, and you can't be bothered turning up for an appointment then quite frankly it is disgusting. It is bad enough putting your family through the prison roller-coaster in the first place so being recalled to prison is a final insult. That's my 2 pennies worth! From Lynnette. 

In Response To EX Offender and Finding Employment

Hi; this is for the OP on ex offenders being discriminated against when finding employment. 
I don't know what area you are in; but what I can tell you is that where I work; there are a few guys who have criminal records and people are open about it. 
If for example your case or conviction has appeared in the press; which by the way is unfortunate but it is legal to print and is in the public interest, the best route to take is to be up-front because your employer can google, right. 
Depending on what you have been convicted for; some jobs will not be classed as suitable and a DBS/CRB will flag up your convictions. For example, if you have multiple driving convictions, a driving job may be hard to find. Not impossible, but you see my point? Perhaps that is classed as discrimination but I can tell you this; you don't have to have been in prison these days to be discriminated against! People who are overweight are discriminated against and so are those with disabilities to name a but a few. 
You say you would like to work with ex-offenders? There are quite a lot of job agencies around who specifically employ and support ex offenders. 
I don't know your circumstances but my case was in the newspaper and to be looked upon as trustworthy I was up front with my employer because my conviction was and still is in the public domain. That's the consequences of my actions and I don't want to sound patronising but that's life. 
There are quite a lot of volunteer agencies that take on ex-offenders. Perhaps the blog admin can post some? But good luck and do not let it get you down. Keep going and keep trying. I got a few knock-backs but found something in the end. Best wishes to you from James. (EX OFFENDER) 

Advice Please

I'm an ex offender and can not get a job, I would like to volunteer and work with other offenders like myself. I've suffered a terrible injustice because I am always discriminated against.


In Agreement With Prison Recall

Hi. I am an ex offender and to be fair I agree with Prison Widow about the recall system. 
It is laid out to you in black and white that if you breach probation or any court orders it is likely you go to prison. Licence, tag or com service are sentences imposed by the courts as an alternative route to a custodial sentence. The courts are trusting you to respect their decision therefore if you breach your community sentence without a sure reason, and don't forget, it's a simple phone call, then bye bye enjoy your stay in HMP. Surprisingly enough, I did breach my licence some years ago because I was stupid. It is stupidity not to attend your probation appointments because you are warned if you take the mickey; you are going to jail! I know there are some injustices with the recall thing and I have been on a wing with a few people who just should not have been recalled. Even the screws were shocked but those cases where clear cock-ups and poor communication issues between the client and the probation service. Human error may well be human error but it costs people their liberty and that is something that I do not agree with AND it is down to a probation officer, period.
I've settled in to the norm life now and have myself a job. It hasn't been an easy ride but prison is a mugs game so I've knocked the stupidity on the head. 
Thank you for providing a platform for families and ex-offenders to share their stories and to offload. Best wishes James. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Prison Visits Are Boring

Written by guest blogger Jo 

It is said that prisoners families serve sentences too but the sad and frustrating part about it is that many prisoners; especially repeat offenders; do not take their families in to consideration when choosing to go back inside. My husband is in prison and this is his third prison sentence. He loves our children? Well not enough to stay out of jail and no matter which way you look at it; you cannot sugar coat it because he continues to get himself locked up! Our kids are in their teens and he wonders why the prison visits are tailing off. They are becoming less frequent because teenagers have better things to do than visiting a father who keeps letting them down. They love their dad of course but the prison visiting saga is boring them. It's upsetting my husband that the kids cannot be bothered seeing him but I have come to the conclusion that it's not a bad thing. It upsets him - well it upsets our kids when he breaks the law and goes on his HMP holidays! I know some prisoners families won't like what I'm saying but I don't care because his too-ing and fro-ing in and out of prison is not acceptable and the kids have lost interest. Every time he screws up - our kids serve a sentence too!

Friday, 22 July 2016

Prison Recall UK

I get quite a few emails re: Prison recall, HDC breaches and Community order breaches. I don't agree with 'some' prison recalls but let's get one thing straight here; you miss more than one probation appointment without a valid reason or take the piss re: Home detention curfew and community service - you know the bus route! It's that simple. 
I remember someone creating holy-hell because there was a warrant out for his arrest. He missed probation appointments claiming he had simply forgotten but he was on licence and being on licence means you are serving the remainder of your sentence in the community. If you 'forget' and keep 'forgetting' with no valid reason; you deserve to be recalled to prison. Why jeopardise your liberty? 
I went to a '5 minute' probation appointment with someone not long ago and yes; it was farcical, but I would rather turn up for a '2 minute' probation appointment and skip going to HMP New Hall thank you very much! Why would I put my family through it because prison recall appeals are a ball-ache as you know. 
Now; I do know that some people have had a rough ride being recalled so please email me your stories/experiences. Remember you can remain anonymous. 

Thursday, 21 July 2016

BEN'S PRISON BLOG - Lifer On The Loose: Penal Reform and Unintended Consequences

BEN'S PRISON BLOG - Lifer On The Loose: Penal Reform and Unintended Consequences: Part One There are many types of prison reform. Some efforts result from a political spasm in the face of tabloid populism. Some flows fro...

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Three people, including a police officer, have been stabbed in London's Hyde Park after a water fight got out of control.

Three people, including a police officer, have been stabbed in London's Hyde Park after a water fight got out of control. A second police officer was wounded by a bottle. The officers are in hospital and their injuries are not life-threatening. The conditions of the other two people stabbed are not yet known, although both were taken to hospital.Police were at the park's Serpentine from 3pm after a large number of people gathered for the water fight.A Met Police spokesman said that at about 8.40pm parts of the crowd became "hostile" and began to throw things - including bottles - at officers.

Probation Service

I recently stumbled across a post in relation to the probation service.
The Probation Service, from my understanding, is a service that supervises offenders. 
I am also in agreement that the service has gone to the dogs. But I don't blame the probation officers. 
The Gov claim that the crime rate has lowered. Who are they kidding lol! 
The crime rate has soared and when the crime rate soars, so does the work load of a probation officer. 
I'm an old skool ex convict and in my heart of hearts, I have been supported by some brilliant probation officers. I wouldn't say any of them changed my life because only I could do that, but they guided me on the right path. 
I am mentoring an ex youth offender at the moment and I recently attended a probation appointment with him. I will be brutally honest; it was a waste of time. All it did was secure his liberty and the youth walked away with nothing more. 
I thought it was painful to see because his probation officer showed no interest. Perhaps he was having a bad day, feeling stressed and over-worked, I can't answer that but what I will say is that the probation service need to change the way they are supervising offenders. The services are no longer under the same roof. The lad I mentor is sent to all sorts of appointments with other agencies and there has been a huge breakdown in communication. Lack of communication and errors can result in someone being recalled to prison when they shouldn't have been and you can argue all you like - the probation service screw up because other agencies screw up and there are mix-ups. It's not good. 
We are supposed to be evolving but the system is going backwards. Apologies if I have offended people but the whole shebang is dire. 

'Huge' Rise In Attacks At 'Dangerous' Prisons

Many prisons are "unacceptably violent and dangerous places," with "huge" rises in assaults and suicide, a watchdog has warned.Assaults rocketed to 20,000 in 2015 - up by nearly a third, while suicides also rose by 27%. Chief Inspector of Prisons, Peter Clarke, described "overcrowding, poor physical environments in ageing prisons, and inadequate staffing".

Monday, 18 July 2016

Heroin Addict

Hello. I am writing in because I read a post from someone who felt alone because their dad is a heroin addict.
My dad is a heroin addict too and I found out he was using the drug when I was 13. One day he just left and walked out. 
My Mum was brilliant and tried to explain to me that dad cannot be around us whilst he is using heroin. That was 5 years ago and according to Mum, he is still a heroin addict.
I found it hard to understand why he walked out and left and never stayed in touch with me. But I grew to realize that it's his loss. I haven't told my Mum this but I have seen him roaming about town where I live and I avoid him because he looks awful and scruffy. I don't want my friends to know although they do know my dad left because he was on drugs, I don't want to point him out because I am embarrassed. I know he's my dad and all that but please, he's a heroin addict and well heroin addicts are the bottom of the pile when it comes to the general public's view on them. I still get pissed at him and I still think about him from time to time, but I am happy and healthy and have a great family around me. Imagine living a bum life on the scrounge for heroin and drugs all the time? It must be the pits and it has taught me one thing, do not do drugs! 
My dad went from a healthy man to a scrawny scruffy heroin addict who has no self respect or dignity. 
He is my dad though and I wouldn't be here without him. But that does not mean I like him and he is no father - he is a loser heroin addict who cannot live without that disgusting drug. From daughter of a heroin addict. (name supplied)

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Do Heroin Addicts Not Care About Their Families?

Do Heroin Addicts Not Care About Their Families?
It is a question I am asked a lot so I will try and explain.
I am a former user - Heroin addict and it wasn't that I didn't care about my family; I stayed away from them because heroin thrusts people in to a crazy environment and I did not want my family involved in the mess I was creating. 
I left my partner and son and went on a drug bender with friends. Hang on a moment; did I just call them friends? Heroin addicts don't have friends, they have runners and runners are fellow junkies who will use you as you use them - all for a high! 
Do heroin addicts not care about their families? Yes, but families aren't their priority - heroin is! The first thing you think about when you open your eyes of a morning is heroin. For the rest of your day you think about your next hit and the one after that. Before you go to sleep you think about how and when you are going to get your fix in the morning and every day is exactly the same. Being addicted to heroin is the pits but you carry on and carry on using regardless of hurting those who love you. Your focus is your next hit - not how your missus or children are - it is heroin and more heroin all the way, every day, all week, month and year - if you are lucky enough to survive the train wreck.
You will hear people saying, "don't take it personally if your loved-one (heroin addict) disappears and doesn't come home for weeks or months - the truth is, the person you once knew has gone - he/she is programmed and programmed only to focus on a tenner bag and how many they can score. 
Do heroin addicts not care about their families? Yes, but not in the way that you and I do. 
Thank you Prison Widow UK for allowing me the time to contribute.
From an ex-heroin addict. 

Britain's top 10 most violent jails revealed in investigation


Prison officers battle nearly 40 terrifying attacks a day, the Sunday People can reveal as we list the top ten most violent jails. The worst prison in England and Wales for violence by inmates against guards or each other was Feltham in West London, where young offenders are detained. Last year it had 894 attacks so serious that a prisoner received official punishment, such as days added to a sentence or a loss of privileges. Overall there were 14,262 offences of violence in prisons in 2015, up by 10 per cent on the previous year. And assaults directed at prison staff soared by 36 per cent to 5,500.

Heroin Addiction - From Anonymous T

Heroin Addiction 
My Dad is in prison because of his heroin addiction. 
I am 19 and not coping very well. 
My Mum said he was ill but I knew he was taking drugs because heroin addiction is something people are very aware of these days. 
He went to prison for armed robbery which as a result got Mum's house busted by the Police. I don't blame the Police because they have a job to do but the house was turned upside down.
Mum decided to tell me some home truths about my Dad and told me he tried to stop his heroin addiction but always went back on drugs. He isn't a bad person and never did me any harm but looking back now; he was always absent for a few weeks at a time and I was told he was working away. 
I would like to hear off any other teenagers my age who have a parent with an heroin addiction. 

COMMENT: If you would like to share your story anonymously please send an email. 

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Probation Service Has Gone to the Dogs - From Mick

I came across a post about Probation and wish to comment.
I am an ex-prisoner. I went in to prison years ago and stayed out of trouble for a long time. Things happened and I have just finished a stint inside. 
When I was released from prison years ago, I can honestly say that my probation officer was a probation officer and he got me back on my feet.
Sorry but no offence; my current probation officer is not good. I don't know all the politics about changes to the system but whoever has done it has failed with a big capital F. It isn't probation anymore, it is a building where I sign on which prevents me from being recalled. There is no support and I see different probation officers all the time. There is no consistency and and this is no good for youth offenders or any offender for that matter. The service has gone to the dogs for a better word. 

Mum has left Dad - From Anonymous

I would like to share my story but please keep my name anonymous.
My Mum is in prison and has just sent my Dad a letter saying she has left him for another woman who is also in prison. 
I am so upset words cannot describe the way I feel. Dad has stood by her and supported her and she treats him like this!!! 
I don't have any support and I will not be visiting my Mum again. I don't even want to speak to her. Is there any more teenagers out there who have experienced this? I feel so alone and Dad is in pieces. I don't know what to say to him because nothing will make him feel better. Thank you. 

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

EX Heroin User - By Guest Blogger

Dear Prison Widow. Please if I may, I would like to share my story with your readers. 
I am an ex heroin user and I have been clean for 3 years. Every day is still a battle and I have my good days and not so good days. 
I wanted to stop so I did. I wasn't born without a soul; but gear (heroin) snatched it away from me for 8 years. 
I lived in a smack head community with other smack heads and just got on with my tunnel vision scoring junkie lifestyle. It was a roller-coaster I was glad to get off. I paid my respects to 'friends' who overdosed and didn't bother with any of my family until I got locked up. My junkie friends didn't want to know when I was banged up because all they wanted and needed was gear. Junkie friends aren't real friends, they are hangers-on and parasites. I was one of them. 
I read the recent post by a heroin user and whoever that person is has pretty much summed up what heroin addicts are. 
I met a girl who I loved. She had track marks all up her arms and scars on her thighs through abscesses. She never wore t-shirts in summer and worked on the street to fund her habit. I supposedly loved her but obviously she was a means to a fix and earned a few quid as a prostitute so that was my reason for being with her - nothing else. I didn't love myself so I couldn't love anyone else. All I was interested in was my next high, how I'm going to get it and when. 
Heroin is nasty and more fool you if you even think about trying it! 

Prison guard bungle allows jailed thief to stroll out of court before making off

A serial thief calmly wandered out of court after being handed a two-week prison sentence because Serco prison guards weren't ready to take her to the cells.

No More Cash Machine - From CC

Hello PW. Here is my story. I stood by my man in prison whilst he was serving a 3 and a half year sentence. 
He was and heroin addict and I thought I could save him. The best thing that could have happened was me kicking him out a few months after he got released. He hadn't changed, didn't want to and I was sick of being his cash machine. Underneath he is a good person but not when he is using heroin. Now I enjoy treating myself and have more money and more friends. My friends never visited me because my man would be nodding off to sleep or he'd be high. It gutted me to end it but I braved the storm and the sun started to shine. After some counselling I felt set free and blocked all contact with him. He brought me down to my lowest level and reflecting back I should have finished it when he went to prison but our human nature always gives someone another chance. 
I think heroin is an evil drug and a drug that transforms people in to shells. I think those that sell it should be locked away for years and I also think the sentencing on drug dealers is too soft. Drugs destroy life's, not only the addicts but the innocent families and kids that are affected by drug use. 

Me and Heroin - from a blog reader

Hi to Prison Widow and blog readers. 
I would like to share my story.
I am an heroin addict and I have been a heroin addict for 25 years. I took my first hit of heroin at 22 and have been hooked ever since. I've been to prison over 9 times.
The people I care about the most; I have hurt; and my life has been a pathetic one. Smack heads are deluded and live in their own unrealistic bubble. The only time the bubble bursts is when you are dead. Drugs are available in prison so you are never 100% clean. 
Heroin addicts are ridiculed by society. I have seen people look at me with disgust and I have heard them call me a smack-rat; smack-head; bag-head and scruffy bastard. That doesn't bother me because heroin numbs both physical and mental pain. If sad life events happen; it's OK because I'll top up my veins. I don't experience pain because I am a heroin junkie. I am a human being without a soul. Let us not sugar coat it; heroin addicts are pathetic creatures. 
I live with my partner who is also a heroin addict. I was left a bit of inheritance money but once that runs out; she'll start shagging the local dealer or she'll put herself out on the street. We don't care about anyone or anything. Our priority is drugs. How does that make us human? We have a pulse; that's about it! 
When I think about my 2 sons; the one's I abandoned; I just top up my veins again. It takes the pain away. 
It all sounds too good to be true doesn't it but trust me; you don't want to become a heroin junkie. It's no life. The constant torment of having to chase your fix and head planning where and when you are going to get it is depressing. 
I watched Ben's Diary which is featured on your blog and the torment is there for all to see. Youngsters or anyone thinking about trying this beast - please don't. Please please stay away.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Monday, 11 July 2016

No Motivation After Release From Prison From CC

I have been out of prison for a little over 2 weeks. 
When I was in prison, I was looking forward to being released and starting afresh. Since I have been home I feel depressed and don't have any motivation. My partner keeps asking me what is wrong but I can't answer him because I don't know. 
I'm not sure what we both expected but it feels strange and I hope the sinking feeling goes away soon. I would like to hear from any ex prisoners who are or have felt the same because I am having a tough time right now and everything is a bit overwhelming. 

Incredible moment prisoners break free to save guard having heart attack

This is the moment inmates in Texas broke out of a holding cell to help save the life of a guard suffering a suspected heart attack. CCTV captured the group of eight handcuffed prisoners react after spotting the armed guard slumped over having lost consciousness. The inmates at Parker County jail in Weatherford, Texas, were being held in the basement of a courthouse when the drama unfolded. One of the men attempted to radio for help when they realised he was not breathing, while the others shouted and banged on doors to try and get the attention of officers upstairs. “He just fell over. Looked like an act. Could have died right there,” inmate Nick Kelton told KHOU. “We were worried they [were] going to come with guns drawn on us.”He added: “I watched him die twice. It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him… He’s a good man.”

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


Hey guys.. I found a pic over on Google.. check out the banner in the background.. it says, HMP Low Moss, First for Families. 
I read the post about a visitor being strip searched. The OP asked if there was any point complaining. Prisons have humiliated families for years and it will always be that way. I've served time in HMP Travel Lodge.. whoops I mean HMP Low Moss.. and the first for families banter is a load of crap.. There are other ways and means without degrading a person and traumatising them.. I will finish here because I will say something I will regret.. it is for sure Runic-Troop. From Former Jail Bird

Prison officers staged walkouts over past five months

Prison officers have withdrawn labour or staged unofficial walkouts at five prisons in England over the past five months, the BBC has learned.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


I'm a former drug addict and I have been locked up twice because of my addiction. Nobody's fault but mine.
I was a IV user and getting my hands on gear in prison was no problem. I did my turkey, moved on to another wing and put my feelers out. In less than half hour I was sorted and tooted some gear that very night. 
My girlfriend was always targeted on searches because I was a drug user. She never used drugs, did not even smoke cigarettes. 
The dog sat at the side of her a few times and we were put on closed visits. She had nothing on her by the way.
Drugs shouldn't be available to score in prison. I did the courses required of me and gained some qualifications but I was still a druggie in prison. I was locked up because I needed money for drugs. The judge was right sending me to prison but throughout my prison sentence, I was still using so the punishment was a waste of tax payers money. The system took me off the streets so I couldn't score drugs and be a menace in society but then I went to a place living with a group of druggies and used inside anyway. Irrespective of whether I passed exams and did well in course work, I still wanted drugs in prison and I got drugs in prison. 
I read the post about a visitor being searched and degraded. I am of the understanding that HMP Low Moss is a Scottish Prison but if they executed a drugs bust during visiting hours, the prison must have a problem with drugs. 
Searches have to be done but I take issue with undignified action being taken by the Prison Service and the Police on the base of a dog. Dogs get it right and they get it wrong. I've witnessed it and no dog handler can blag me otherwise.
If drugs are available in Her Majesty's Prison, someone isn't doing their job. I would like to write a lengthy post on what I think if I may?



Hi everyone. 
Let's be frank here; highlighted visit sweeps and searches on families are blatant set ups. 
If a drugs dog can indicate that someone is hiding drugs on their person, why aren't prisons drug free?
You see my point here? If the sniffer dogs are 100 percent then let them loose around the nick. They do use the dogs on sweeps in jail but they aren't very good are they because Sky News, BBC News, The Guardian, and The Daily Mail claim from sources that Prison's are awash with drugs! Why? They've got sniffer dogs for heaven's sake so what is the problem? 
It's all a farce and the right hand doesn't have a clue what the left is doing. 
Those running the system; or should I say attempting to run the system; are doing a piss-poor job of it and innocent visitors are being degraded and humiliated courtesy of John Noakes and his drug buddy Shep! It is a joke! 
I am deeply sorry that the visitor subjected to this nightmare at HMP Low Moss had to go through this traumatic event. 

Monday, 4 July 2016


I understand why the Low Moss story has angered people. It's infuriated me.
I get why prison's do the searches because for me; anyone; and I mean anyone; who has been convicted of a drugs related crime should not have access to drugs in jail otherwise why send them to bloody prison in the first place? It makes no sense. When families are supporting someone addicted to drugs and prison's are awash with them; it's a lost cause. It's like shipping an alcoholic off to live in a pub. If someone mugs a person or robs an house for money to fund their drug habit and is sent to prison only to be offered the same crap that landed them there in the first place; is disastrous for not only the victims of crime; but for the addicts themselves and their families who; let's have it right here; are encouraged by the system to maintain contact.
The problem I have and it's a problem that keeps rearing its ugly head is the humiliation and degrading treatment of innocent family members who are thrust in to situations that are inhumane and they are thrust in to it by a dog. Well no; it does not wash with me. 
Going back a few years, a dog indicated that I was guilty of carrying drugs. The dog handler was using a ''bouncing the ball'' technique which for me; was suspicious. The dog sat at the side of me and I was accosted by the handler. He explained (very nicely as it happens) that the dog was highly trained. I asked for its certificates and bent down to ask the dog what type of drug it indicated. Of course I got some stares and a few giggles off family members stood behind me; but I know my stuff so it was no big deal. 
I wasn't subjected to a humiliating strip search by the Police. I'd have refused unless I was arrested and in no uncertain terms I would have gone public and danced with the media. I don't do drugs; never have and certainly never will. I have experienced and seen the impact it has on families who are at their wits end praying and hoping that their loved ones kick their addictions. 
I get that drugs are smuggled in via visits but I have never accepted (and never will) that family visits are the ONLY way drugs are smuggled in to prison's. 
Just because there are people who go by the names of: Prison Officers, Legal Representatives, Probation Officers and whoever else is in a position of trust; does not mean that a person in a position of trust is trustworthy. There are a lot of professional people locked up for various crimes. It makes no odds who you are. 
Prisoners families however seem to be targeted. Family visits are always made examples of when prison's do their sweeps. Families are always featured on documentaries that show footage of wives, partners and so on; passing drugs over to prisoners during visits. No one can argue with it because those people were found to be guilty. 
On the basis of those documentaries; innocent people like you and I are under suspicion the very moment we step inside a prison. 
The Prison Service will say that their staff are searched but of course that procedure will be an hush hush one. I don't know how thorough their prison officers are searched; I haven't the foggiest idea but I do know that we won't see it on a documentary and if we do.. I want royalties please! 
Are sniffer dogs out when legal visits take place? I don't know because I'm not a legal representative. What I do know is this; I have never ever had an email off any professional person saying that they have had to squat and part their buttocks in a Police station because a sniffer dog indicated that they were carrying drugs on them. Funny that isn't it? I've plenty of professionals following me over on Twitter but to date; none of them have been in touch with me to say that they have been humiliated and degraded during a legal visit. Very odd! 

                          GET IN TOUCH IF YOU HAVE 


Hi, I've just read the HMP Low Moss post? WTF? 
Am I right here? A bunch of sniffer dog prison jobsworth screws asked this visitor to "hand over the drugs" and it ends there? I'd have got my mobile phone and rang the newspaper and I'd have refused a search. In so many words; the drugs dog; a muted K9 convicted a person of carrying drugs? Haha, shame on you HMP! The person who was subjected to this degrading procedure and by the way was proved to be innocent should request that the sniffer dog is destroyed as a bad job! My opinion on this is; sue the prison service. Don't stop until you get the RIGHT answers and dirty what this shit hole stands for. Who runs the families visiting centre here? Get them involved; and name and shame the jobsworth in this operation. I wish you well and I am very sorry what this person has been subjected to.


Why do families of prisoners keep being subjected to insane treatment by the prison service? I am appalled and I have to agree with EX-Cons post; the explanation from the prison will be a feeble one.
The sniffer dog thing is a controversial one and Prison Widow highlighted Eddie and Keela (Cadaver dogs) who were ''wrong'' to have picked up cadaver scent during the MCcann investigation. 
The sniffer dogs cannot speak and therefore I would have have refused a police search and asked for evidence from the dog.. can anyone take a dogs word for it? The answer is an obvious one. The screws/dog handlers always say that the dog has indicated a drugs scent. I mean, come on, it is all bull crap from the word go! 
I am so sorry for the Low Moss visitor. I have no words. Just as a matter of interest, if the prison service happens to read my post; 'do the prison officers have a drugs dog line up before they go on shift? And if they do; who witnesses it and is there independent witnesses? Drug smuggling in HMP comes from all sources and whether the system likes this or not.. it includes their own. 
I am completely sickened by HMP Low Moss's actions and I would without any shadow of a doubt put a complaint in. The reply would tip toe around the houses and their drugs dog will be a international award winning sniffer dog no doubt. 
Band the word via social media and website until you get an apology and I would be goading for compensation too. The Police found no evidence of drugs on this family member and they must have been traumatised and are still very upset about the whole situation. Pardon my French but what a set of bastards!


I doubt you will get any answers Prison Widow, but keep posting about the injustice of what that poor person went through at HMP Low Moss. 
Sniffer dogs aren't 100 percent but are 100 percent when the prison service and the screws say so. 
Basically it's all B.S and we know who the main culprits are when it comes to bringing shit in prison's. I'm not green, I'm an ex con!
Slam it to the forefront and take the royal piss out of the system because this kind of thing is still going on leaving innocent families traumatised. Just hammer it and make sure when this tin pot nick gets googled, it flags up every time! It's a disgrace and according to it's site, it's family friendly lol. Yeah right. 


I was visiting my son on 29th June this year.. I was accompanied by his girlfriend and 2 children aged 4 and 4 weeks. . To cut a long story short they had a big stop drugs iniative going on... my car was pulled over in the car park, they took my details checked my drivers licence and my criminal record.. all clear, when entering the facility they had sniffer dogs on the go, I was pulled aside, the dog had apparently detected drugs, I was taken aside questioned and searched, I insisted I do not do drugs.. I did not have any on my person, they took me outside in view of all visitors coming in, searched my car, told me to just hand over the drugs and it would end here.. I explained yet again I did not have any drugs.. they then took me to a local police office... strip searched me!! Made me pull my buttocks apart and bend over!! Obviously they found nothing.. I'm still traumatised!! Can they do this? I feel totally ashamed, and humiliated. I don't think I can face visiting my son now?? Can u advise me who I can complain to and is there any point?

Yours sincerely


Prison Widow Comment: It's amazing isn't it? They are still at it targeting the families of prisoners.
Tell you what HMP Low Moss, have a screw sweep and have them pull their buttocks apart!
Is there any point complaining? From my perspective yes and I'll push it as far as it can go. I will of course be informed that the sniffer dogs are highly trained and the rest of the proverbial bull shit. They're mutts, they can't speak. It's the same with the cadaver dogs, funnily enough Eddie and Keela were wrong in the MCcann saga. Same principal.
Anyway Mr Governor HMP Low Moss, you've got my email - an explanation please? And whilst your at it, I'll have one off head of the prison service too.