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Cat In A Bottle?

Nerd Magnet?

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Probation Orders - By Mum Of Ex Offender

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Hello PFV. I would like to repeat a thank you too for giving prisoners families the opportunity to share their stories, so a big thank you. Your blog is fabulous!
My daughter got in to trouble a few years ago when she was 18. She is now 21 and is on the straight and narrow. She was on a probation order and what I would like to comment on is how in heaven's name do the Government think that putting some of those youths who have rioted and looted ( in the UK ) on a probation order will actually achieve something, if anything at all?
My daughter was on probation, and no offence to those who do a probation officers job, but it was a utter waste of time for her. She couldn't stand her probation officer and they just did not get on. She only turned up because the courts said she had to. So good luck to the Government if they honestly think that these probation orders will work, because I can't see it in the memory of man!

Palace On Wheels!

This is Ashton Kutcher’s palace on wheels. It costs $8,750 a week. The luxury vehicle weighs 30 tons, has seven 60” plasma screens distributed among its two stories, and is 53 feet long.

Comment: I hope the plasma screens didn't come from the London riots!

3 Year Old Too Scared To Visit Dad In Prison

Hi and thanks for a place for families of prisoners to voice their views. My three year old daughter won't step foot inside a prison to visit. Our last visit gave her nightmares. On a table close by to us, someone was caught possibly trying to smuggle something to a prisoner. All hell let loose and the prison officers practically dived on them. This scared the living hell out of my daughter and now she will not go and visit her Dad. This has now put a strain on hers and her Dad's relationship. Maintaining family ties? I wish idiots would stop quoting this ludicrous saying.
The Government, or should I requote, the useless Government, couldn't give a toss about the hundreds and thousands of innocent children that go through HM Prison's doors to visit their family members. Many of the general public would more than likely say 'tough' and they shouldn't have gotten themselves in to prison in the first place. That's true and I won't argue with that. But if you are one of them, then step back and think about the innocent people that visit. Especially the children who are put in to this situation through no fault of their own.

Anonymous Blog Reader and Partner Of A Prisoner

Savage UK Prison Sentences Says Martin Narey

Giving criminal sentences to children arrested in the riots, when they have behaved uncharacteristically and have shown remorse, is "savage" Martin Narey, the former head of the Prison Service and Barnardo's, has said.

Speaking on the Today programme, he said that one of the "central elements" of British justice is that first time offenders are given "a chance".

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Awkward Family Vacation Photo

While family vacations are supposed to be relaxing and fun, sometimes very strange and painful moments can be forever caught on film! OOPS!

Clip This Beak - By Jailhouse Lawyer

Clip this Beak!

It is unlawful for the government to issue a directive to magistrates to jail everyone involved in the rioting and looting. Therefore, Novello Noades, chair of the bench at Camberwell Green Magistrates' Court should resign for believing that such guidance issued by a government department is the law of the land.

Whilst I don't have a problem with "Daniel Anderson, 25, was jailed for six months after admitting to hoarding two looted guitars, an amplifier, flatscreen TV and hair clippers that were stolen from Rock Bottom music store in Croydon".

To give somebody else 6 months for stealing bottled water is ludicrous!

Each case must be dealt with on a case by case basis, and not follow a dictat from Number Ten.

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Soon To Be Released From Prison And Homeless!

Rooftop Sunbathing - By Prisoner Ben Gunn - HMP Erlestoke

What was lining up to be a dull, irritating day was brought alive by the appearance of a rooftop protester above my head. Cue lots of staff activity, the deployment of negotiators and then the riot squad.

My keen eyes and ears absorbed everything. Ringside seats to such events and the tactics employed by the Prison Service are uncommon events.

The man on the roof - let's call him George - was frustrated because despite banging on about his accommodation on release for 5 years, is still forced into being homeless when he is released next month.

It is uncontested that housing plays a huge role in the likelihood of re-offending, and his concerns should have been listened to and a solution found. Instead, he was neglected and frustrated. Up the wall he went, to try to get someone to listen to him.

The negotiators were bumbling, truly pathetic, and only served to pass the time until the riot squad were ready to force the issue.

Seven hours, dozens of staff, the prison shut down, and the need for specialist riot staff.

What a waste, when the issue could have been resolved in minutes. The governor should have dragged George's offender supervisor below the eaves and asked him to explain the efforts made to house George on release. And if the O.S had been negligent, begin dismissal proceedings against him.

But the prison service just isn't like that. They can admit no wrong and so George will probably spend his last few weeks in chokey, before being decanted homeless to live on a street near you.

There are days when we should all feel ashamed of our criminal justice system...

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Sunday Picture Of The Day!

OMG! This is soooooooooo cute!

Prison Visiting Times?

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OK, now I know that certain prison's in the UK had changed some of their visiting times, but this sign at a prison I visited today just takes the mickey! What the bloodyhell are they playing at?

By A Very Angry Prison Widow UK!

And The Player Of The Year Is Number 21!

Riot Evictions Are Unjust - By Mum Of Four

Stronger Community Sentences Needed

I am pleased Anon ( above link ) has brought up the subject regarding the riots and the consequences involved for those who took place in them. I hope there are politicians reading my words and what I am about to say. Since the riots, everyone has had their two pence and their say, namely MP's and those who have been out of touch with society for years. I am a mother, a decent mother of four children. One of my sons is currently in a young offenders institute. My other three children are upstanding citizens and work full time. If my son was involved in those riots ( which he wasn't because he is in prison ) would it be fair that I loose my home because of his actions? Read what I have just said, I have three other children who work damn hard and have never been in trouble with the law. Neither have I. Another thing too. The Government are targeting social housing. Not everyone who lives in social housing are thugs. There are decent families living in those properties. What happens if a looter has been caught whose parents live in their own houses? Are the mortgage people going to evict them too? Will the building societies evict their customers? Because come on, what's good for one, is good for another! David Cameron is nothing but a silver spoon fed toff who hasn't got a clue about today's society, yet runs the country. Theresa May? She's another one. Maybe she should spend a large amount of her time talking to young offenders and prisoners who think the UK establishments are bloody great! The guy who is locked up with my son purposely gets himself arrested because his parents are good for nothing and he says that he is BETTER OFF in prison. Eric Pickles statement about the masked youths interviewed for Sky News. Mr Pickles claims those youths repeated things from their social workers about the economic climate? Social Workers haven't got the intelligence to discuss those issues with any youths let me tell you! I Live in council property and if I was being evicted for my sons actions, the council and Government would be facing legal action because I would call upon mortgage companies and the lot of them to do the same! I wholly agree with, Anon's, post and fingers crossed my numbers come up on the lottery one day because I would be up and off away from the crumbling UK!

Strong Community Service Needed? - By Anon

I would like to add my comments, if I may, to those who have commented on the riots.In my opinion, they were not riots but organised burglaries and arson by criminals. We keep hearing the term ‘young person’ in relation to the thugs but if we look at the mug shots many were far from being youngsters, and most should have known better.I don’t think any attempt to evict the parents of children caught thieving will stand up in court; this is not only ‘double jeopardy’ but disproportionate since the parents have not been convicted of any crime, and in some cases have ‘turned-in’ errant children.The burglary, thieving and arson has nothing to do with people being poor as is amply demonstrated by some of those convicted. Poverty has never been, and never will be, an excuse for such criminal behaviour.
As for what was stolen: Mobile phones will either be useless or allow the thief to be tracked. All phones have an IMIE number which the retailers will be able to supply to police so every stolen phone can be identified. If somebody buys something they could reasonably expect to have been stolen then they have committed an offence. Many games machines need to log in to Sony or Microsoft – all these machines have unique ID numbers, as does software and games. The IDs of stolen games and software will be known to the companies and the police – log in and you are likely to get a knock at the door.Computers all have unique ID which can be interrogated when the machine is used on the internet. The ID of all stolen computers will be known to companies, and, again, is likely to be passed to Police. Any TV with Internet access or BBC IPlayer can, again, be traced.What can the thieves do with their booty. Put it on Ebay; maybe but the police will be monitoring that for sure.
In my area there are 100s of CCTV cameras and these could be used to back-track or follow burglars and arsonists to points where they remove their mask or get into cars. Many CCTV systems now have face recognition.One final thought. If there is a gang of 10, and one commits arson or another serious offence, under the Joint Enterprise Law they can all be charged with arson. Arson, carries a very long sentence and where it endangers life it is a Life Sentence.Hundreds of people will now have criminal records; they may not care now but when it comes to trying to get work, borrowing money or getting insurance they will suddenly find they do have something to regret.Finally, maybe prison is not the best approach for the more minor breaches. Strong Community Service, confiscation of property and the requirement to pay for damage and thefts might be a more constructive approach.

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An Ice-cream Rose

Very clever indeed!

Prison Destroys Hundreds Of Families - By Vicky

Release From Prison And Family Problems

RE: Above Link

For many children of prisoners, maintaining contact with a parent in prison is difficult. This can be due to a number of factors. Some families cannot afford to visit frequently because their loved one is imprisoned miles away from home. Others have transport issues and basically the list goes on. When children and family members struggle to maintain ties with a loved one in prison, the release of that loved one is a very stressful event to look forward too. Children age, as do we the adults. Our attitude to life changes along the way too, as does the prisoners. As a family, we all become detached from one another because prison is designed to fracture relationships and in some cases, that fracture grows weaker and fails to heal. My ex partner served quite a long time in prison. He was moved around the country and so were me and our children. The travelling and the whole situation became too stressful and we parted. We parted on good terms though and he actually came to stay with us when he was released from prison. He was a total stranger to us. Prison had crippled him emotionally and he wasn't the same person. Our children couldn't relate to him anymore and it was soul destroying for all of us. I hear so many prisoners families say, " We can pick up where we left off." I agree that for those serving short sentences, this can be achieved. But for those families who are serving long, drawn out, sentences, the story is quite different. I know some strong individuals who indeed stand by their family member in prison. I myself did for quite some time. For families to rebuild their lifes after a prison sentence is served, the system needs to make sure that these families can actually achieve maintaining ties. They need to remove the hurdles that The Prison Service purposely put in their way making it hard for families to maintain contact. If the Government firmly believe that maintaining family ties can reduce re-offending, then they need to wake up and smell the coffee, because release from prison actually destroys hundreds of families.

Horrifying Bowling Balls!

( Click On Picture To Enlarge )

German artist Oliver Paass created these gross but incredibly effective bowling balls for 13th Street, a European horror TV channel. Would you dare to use them?

Release From Prison And Family Problems

By Anonymous Blog Reader

My sister's partner has recently been released from prison after serving a 7 year sentence. What bothers me is that every time I go round and visit, they are often arguing and it appears that prison really has broken up their family bond. According to my sister, major problems have arisen since he's been home because of knock back after knock back when applying for jobs. The Prison Service along with the Government and probation service need to get real when advising prisoners. My sister says that sometimes it gets that bad that she actually wishes he was back in prison. I know she doesn't mean it but there is an atmosphere in the house and their daughter is feeling it. She is only 6 and for 3 and a half years, her Dad has been out of her life. He must feel a stranger to her and whilst having her Mum all to herself and being in that single parent environment for over 3 years, it is about time the Government put some kind of services in to place for those who are affected by imprisonment and lets not forget, affected also by release from prison. Most organisations tend to concentrate on the imprisonment issue. Yes, that is important, but prison release is more important because somehow and in some way, these family ties need to be built on outside the walls as well as inside them. I have supported my sister through this prison sentence and I now take a huge interest in how children and families are affected by it. Thanks too for providing this brilliant service which I found in Inside Time prison newspaper.

The Cat Who Can Read?

Scales Of Justice Broken Down?

Scales of justice broken down?

Case study one...

HIV expert jailed for keeping woman as slave in London flat

Rebecca Balira sentenced to six months and ordered to pay 21-year-old Methodia Mathias £3,000 in compensation

Case study two...

London riots: Lidl water thief jailed for six months

A college student with no criminal record was jailed for six months on Thursday for stealing a £3.50 case of bottled water during a night of rioting.

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New Seatbelt Design

Well what a cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Prison population at a record high after riots

The prison population in England and Wales has reached a record high - up 440 since riots hit parts of the UK.

There are now 85,324 prison inmates, with less than 2,000 places spare.

But the government says there is still room for anyone jailed in relation to the rioting and disorder in England since last Saturday.

CLICK HERE for full story. Source BBC News

Government & The Riots - by Mary PFV volunteer

Like the Partner of A Prisoner (Govt. are out of touch) I am astounded by the lack of any sort of reasoning when it comes to this Governments attitude towards the recent riots. They have been warned for months that their determination to cut, cut, cut would lead to this very thing!!

Now their answer is to lock em up, deny benefits and evict them from their homes!! Absolutely no mention of trying to address the social issues which have created the 'thug'. No admittance that when they cut funding to youth centres, support platforms, mentoring projects, legal aid and the like, affected the poorest, most socially isolated members of our society.

Yet how much money (we don't have) is being poured into the banks? Billions!! That money would have been far better spent creating jobs, legislation that would see the return of the apprenticeship, in the way it was supposed to work, investing in the young, poorest and most disadvantaged in the Land would make far more sense to me than supporting a bunch of fat cats, interested only in furthering their own interests.

One of the saddest things for me to realise is that the stupid, senseless acts of burning and looting has unfortunately played right into the hands of Cameron and his cronies. All it has achieved is to give this Govt. the mandate to introduce more repressive laws. If you think 'stop and search' is bad, wait and see what they will come up with next!!.

London Looter Tries To Steal Cricket Ball

UK Government Are Out Of Touch - By Partner Of Prisoner

My partner is in prison. Although he has been in and out of trouble since the age of 14, I myself have never been in trouble with the law. I was laughing out loud when I found out that the general public had issued a petition asking for the Government to stop benefits of those who had been looting in the riots. What do the general public think that this will achieve apart from enticing more crime? As for the Government, well they need to walk in the shoes of a prisoners partner or a family member to understand exactly what prisoners families know. Prison does not deter my partner. Those who have been through the system starting at a young age, will not be remotely bothered about being behind a cell door. Prisoners families - NOT the general public - live with knowing what goes on inside prison, what the regime in prison is and what 'bent' goings on there are. Like it or not, The Prison Service and the Police have bent officers. I am often asked if the Prison system is too soft. My answer is always, yes. In one particular prison which I will not name, prisoners of a weekend are pissed out of their minds on prison Hooch and drugs that are floating around the wings of HMP. It's all very well the courts being opened all through the night to bring the looters to justice, but trust me, it will not be a big deal for many of those caught. The Government are way, way, out of touch and all they are doing is sending the looters ( gang members) to a college ( prison ) to learn more crime and engage with other offenders who have no intention of going straight.

Prisoners provide social care in a failing system

Prisoners provide social care in a failing system

CLICK HERE for full story over at Jailhouse Lawyers Blog

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The First Ever Floating McDonalds

This was built for Expo ’86 in Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s a McDonald’s restaurant that was built on a barge. It’s first floating McDonald’s anywhere in the world. While the barge was permitted to operate in a new location after the exhibition, the derelict barge has been anchored empty in Burrard Inlet, among an oil refinery and industrial barges since 1991.

No Statement From Prisoners Families Charity

Hi. I'm a mother of a small child affected by parental imprisonment. My husband is serving an IPP sentence. What I have observed is that it seems no one can walk the walk. We have charities that supposedly 'represent' us, yet fail us when it comes to defending prisoners families on occasions such as HMP Bristol when the prison degraded families by inviting the media in to film us. No statement was made on behalf of the charities and I am asking why? Are charities now becoming businesses? Businesses that are making money off the backs of prisoners family members? Those who run the visitors centre at HMP Bristol should have indeed made a statement regarding the abysmal treatment of families courtesy of prison Governor, Peter Noonan. By the way, I was one of those visitors on the day HMP Bristol decided to degrade us.

Yours Faithfully

Furious Family Member Of Prisoner

Wednesday, 10 August 2011


What Lesson Will The UK Rioters Be Taught? - By A

Some rioters in the UK have already been sentenced to prison and rightly so too. But can I just raise an issue about something I have been going through for 6 months. My 22 year old son is in prison. He has another 6 months left until he is released. I would like to know what the Government intend to do with these rioters they have sent to prison and the others who are going? Because since my son has been in prison, all he has learnt is more crime. He thinks his cell mate is his best mate and he has been caught with a mobile phone as well as fighting on the wing.
Maybe his 6 months left will be increased, I don't know, but if David Cameron thinks justice is done for half of the rioters in the UK by sending them to prison, then he is nothing but a bloody joke. These politicians live on a different planet!

The Elvis Dreadlock Look?

Dreading The Locks? EEK!

Report Says Wandsworth Prison Is Unsafe

The treatment of inmates at Wandsworth Prison in London was "demeaning, unsafe and fell below what could be classed as decent", a report says.

Chief inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick said he "did not detect sufficient willingness" in the prison to acknowledge and address concerns.

The report says conditions were significantly worse than in June 2009.

The National Offender Management Service said a "robust action plan" was in place.

Mr Hardwick's report followed an unannounced inspection of the prison between 28 February and 4 March which was undertaken because a previous inspection - in June 2009 - had been marred by an attempt to subvert the process by moving "difficult" prisoners between Wandsworth and Pentonville so that they were not present in either prison during the inspection.

Written on behalf of Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Prisons for England and Wales, the report says prisoner safety was now a "matter of serious concern".

CLICK HERE for the full report - source BBC NEWS

Is This The Cutest Rat Ever?

Ah bless! You have to admit that it does look quite cute!

UK Government Shun Voices - By Nicky

Just a question. How long have the UK Government been shunning the voices of prisoners families regarding children who are affected by parental imprisonment? Conferences are held, meetings are held and forms are given out for people to fill in, yet we receive no feedback whatsoever! The UK riots? Well, I'm not shocked it's happening, although I do not condone it at all. Funding cuts? Those funding cuts give charities and organisations even less of a voice because services become limited. David Cameron? All he can say is that the thugs will be brought to justice! No words from him about any solutions, just a speech stating that the Government will step up the policing. The UK Government give their people absolutely nothing.
Cameron and this Government need to clean up their own back yard before hob nobbing with other countries. If you don't like Cameron and his Conservative crew - vote them out!

Happy Birthday Ben Gunn

From all of us here at Prisoners Families Voices!

Visit Ben's Prison Blog HERE

Suffer the Children - by Mary PFV volunteer

The anonymous Mum who contributed the post about Children suffering because of their parents (Click Here to read the full story) is absolutely right when she says "Britain is broken".

How typical of the police and government to jump on the 'where are their parents' bandwagon.  Yes, I agree, we are all responsible for our children but with budgets cuts targeting the poorest in our society just how are we supposed to do that?  The terrible story on Bolton Social Services, experienced by our very own Prizon Widow is just one example of the underlying reasons for all the riots and unrest in the UK over the past few days

No one cares....not at a level that anything can be done about it anyway, our Prison 'Service' is not fit for purpose in many, many cases, the current unrest at Feltham Young Offenders Institute and the damning report about HMP Wandsworth  (click on the highlight link to read it, or better still pop over to jailhouselawyers blog for his take on it) only reinforces my belief that the whole Criminal Justice System in this country needs a total overhaul.  We need an honest open debate on the whole future of our Prisons without it being hi jacked by those who believe that prison is for punishment and nothing else.

Please don't think I am in any way, condoning the actions of the thugs who took over our streets, I am not.  I don't for a minute think that their actions have in any way advanced the cause for an opportunity to vent the frustrations felt by many over the current problems within our society.    In fact, the morons who were involved with the looting, mindless destruction, and burning, of mainly local businesses have played right into this government's hands.......now they can pass all the laws needed to prevent genuine peaceful protest by those of us who seek change.

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UK Recession.......

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Bailiffs seize washing machines from block of flats!

Prisoners Families Can End Up As Victims Too

My son's Dad is in prison for burglary. He burgled a house nearby where we live. The housing association are having to move me and my son because we have eggs and flour thrown at our window on a regular basis. That then makes me and my son victims of crime, but when I called the Police on several occasions, they were useless. Because my partner is in prison, they look at me as though I am cut from the same cloth as my partner, and that is not right at all.
My partner's crime as made me and son targets. Targets for something we haven't done and targets because my partner committed a stupid crime. He is in prison were he belongs but whilst he is in prison, it is me and my son who are taking the flack from the community. I wish the general public would wake up and realise that prisoners families and children are innocent people too. My son has regular nightmares and to get him to school is a nightmare because he kicks and screams every morning. Prisoners families are often seen as, gulity by association. Not only by the public but the Police too. I agree that there is not enough services for families in similar situations to mine. People say that the real victims of crime are the victims of crime, but sometimes, prisoners families end up being victims of crime too whilst their loved ones are safe and locked up in prison.

By Anonymous Partner Of A Prisoner

The Odd Couple

“They are humans’ closest relative, sharing a similar genetic make-up and displaying behaviour not unlike our own. Now this little chimpanzee is showing off a motherly instinct to rival even the most maternal of mankind. These adorable images reveal the close bond that has formed between a two-year-old chimpanzee called Do Do and a two-month-old tiger cub called Aorn. Completely at ease in each other’s company, the ape’s motherly instincts take over as she attentively bottle feeds the baby tiger. Aorn gratefully laps up the milk as Do Do tenderly holds the tiger in her arms. At one point, Do Do puts the bottle in her own mouth – almost mimicking the actions of a human mother checking to see if the milk is suitable for her offspring to consume.”

OOPS! He's A Little Stuck!

What a great picture!

Prisoners Families Thrust In To Debt - By D

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I hope everyone is well. I would like to submit my story by saying that crime does not just affect the victims, but it affects other innocent families, especially children who are thrown in to this situation through absolutely no fault of their own.
My husband is in prison and will be released in 2013. I have two children, young in age, who haven't a clue why their Dad is in prison. They are innocent human beings who are telling all their school friends that their Dad is locked up in prison. They tell the shop keepers and checkout girls at the supermarket and it destroys me. They aren't bragging about it, far from it, because as their Mum, I have told them that their daddy has broken the law and has to go away for a while. I have had to sell our house because since my husband has been in prison, I have not been able financially to afford the mortgage on my own. We are now on the council housing list.
My eldest, my daughter, cries all the way home after a prison visit. My son is younger and he doesn't really understand why his dad has gone to prison. I too am disgusted that when I asked for help from the social services department for a bit of support, they told me that they couldn't provide any because my children were well looked after. So where do families with children turn too? Prisoners children do not belong in any category. But they should! I usually get the same old opinions from those who do not understand which is - well their Dad shouldn't have committed a crime! I for one know that, I don't need telling the obvious, but innocent children need support and lots of parents aren't receiving any.

A Tale Of Two C Cats - By Ben Gunn

On the face of it, Shepton and Erlestoke are the same - both are category C training prisons, both lying about how much attention they pay to our welfare and rehabilitation.

Yet here I sit in my cell on a sunny Saturday, bored. At Shepton I'd be able to take myself off to the yard or pay a social visit to other wings. Here, though, such freedoms are controlled far more pettily.

What factors determine the differences between two seemingly similar prisons? Both rest on the bedrock that is the national core regime. Both labour under national profiles and performance targets. And yet both prisons seem to have a completely different ethos and culture, which often expresses itself in ways that our keepers fail to appreciate.

Shepton, for all it varied problems, is actually ranked as the second best performing prison in the country. Erlestoke is so far down the performance table that only miners have seen that depth. Managerially merging these prisons with Erlestoke in charge may seem a tad stupid then. But that's what they are doing.


Don't Laugh! It Works!

Certainly very original I must say!

Children Are Suffering Because Of Their Parents Actions

Picture of little girl not associated with story.

My son is in prison. I am currently looking after his little girl because of his actions. What disgusts me is that he doesn't seem remorseful or bothered because he has told me that prison is OK and he will soon be home. Prison is not OK. It isn't OK for the thousands of children that are suffering because of their parents actions. Having watched the coverage on, Sky News, of the riots in London and other areas of the UK, I am disgusted, however not surprised. Thugs, youths, or whatever your word is for them who are wrecking the UK, have no future. My son is in prison, but in my defence, it is not through bad parenting. I have two other son's who are in full time employment and a credit to the community. Bad parenting is to blame for some of these hooligans, there is no disputing that. Quite clearly the Police chiefs live in a different world to us by requesting all parents take their kids off the streets. Some of their parents would have been ordering goods for them to loot!!!! Every letter, every email and every phone made to the Government often falls on deaf ears. Look how many years charities have been campaigning for children affected by imprisonment? How still to this day that the likes of Social Services do NOT recognise the problems children of prisoners go through? How much funding has been slashed for youth services? The country, the UK is a broken country and the Government need to fix it pretty quick sharp. If voices fall on deaf ears, then sadly, and I mean sadly, youths and gangs will retaliate. The UK is abysmal!

From Mum of an offender

Monday, 8 August 2011

Prison Didn't Scare Me - By Female Ex Offender

I was reluctant to write this but I would like to have my say. I am a female and I was released from prison 18 months ago. I was involved in a night club brawl and very much regretted it. I served half of a three year sentence. It was my first time in prison and although I won't be going back, I got through it and wouldn't put it down as a traumatic experience. I have to be honest and I have to say that it wasn't as bad as I dreaded it to be. At one point, I was sharing a cell with a woman whose son is always in and out of prison. She used to tell me that prison doesn't bother him one bit. I have sat and watched Sky News for most of the night tonight on the London riots, and those youths aren't bothered about what David Cameron has to say or what the Police Comissioner had to say. The word, 'prison' will not scare them one bit because the British system is too soft. My fellow prisoner's son used to write to his mum and tell her that he didn't actually want to be released from prison because he didn't want to live with his Dad again, therefore he intended to cause trouble in prison to get more time on his sentence from the Governor. The UK is broken. For some prisoners in HMP right now, there is nothing for them to come out to. Employment? Where is it? And when it is available, single mothers are finding themselves just a few pounds better off per week. I totally understand that working for a living gives you that independance and confidence. For lots of youths, the Government are not giving them any incentive to find employment. The UK has lost its grip and take it from me, prison isn't a good place to be in. But it certainly isn't a place of deterrant either. Given the chance, I would be long gone from the UK!

UK Government Have Brought On The Riots! - By Anonymous

Dear PFV. Theresa May is gobbing it off saying that the rioters in London will be brought to justice. Sorry Miss May, but in my area, the likes of Social Services take youths to prison on a 'day out' and having spoken to these youths, they bragged that the prison looked easy. My son is currently in prison and he wrote to me last week saying that he was settling in well and that it isn't that bad at all. He shows no depression on prison visits and he is always cheerful when he rings me from prison. Does Theresa May honestly think that half of the London rioters give a crap about being brought to justice? What a laugh! The UK has never let the general public use their voices and I am sorry but this is the countries back lash and the ********** UK Government deserve it! I don't condone the riots, but the typical British snobbery and the powers that be should have seen it coming!

Fresh Violence Erupts On Streets Of London

Violence has broken out on the streets of London for a third day with skirmishes between youths and police in Hackney.

Full Story HERE Source SKY NEWS

HMP Shepton Mallet Sniffer Dog Retires

Well Guys and Dolls, the time has come for, Tiddles, the sniffer dog to retire! Tiddles worked at HMP Shepton Mallet for 8 years and has now stopped sniffing prison visitors!
Tiddles seems to be enjoying his retirement immensely, but it looks like the prison officers rather over-fed him a little too much! It was probably all those mobile phones they tried smuggling in, until the Governor realised that half of his officers were walking like, John Wayne!
You can picture the senior officer right now shouting, " Quick! Feed your Nokia to the dog!"
Anyway, three cheers for, Tiddles, the sniffer dog who retired from HMP today!

Prison Widow

Picture Of The Day - From Paula

Government plans tougher curfews for offenders

Criminals serving community sentences could face curfews of up to 16 hours a day under new government proposals.

Currently offenders in England and Wales cannot be confined to their homes for more than eight hours a day.

The proposals would also extend the period over which a curfew could be imposed from six months to a year and allow their hours to be varied.

Minister for Prisons and Probation Crispin Blunt said the plans would keep offenders off the street for longer
"These tougher curfew conditions will keep offenders off the street for longer, stop them socialising in the evenings and keep them away from situations that could land them in trouble again," Mr Blunt said in a statement.

CLICK HERE for the full story over at BBC NEWS

Extreme Peircing?

The only comment I can possibly make is: OMG!

Prison's Intimidate Children - By Debra

Hi. I found your site through a link website. I would like to comment if I may about how HM Prison Service treat children of prisoners. I read a post on your blog by someone who said that The Prison Service take no interest in making sure children of prisoners feel at ease when visiting prison. My daughter is petrified of going to visit her Dad in prison. On the morning of the visit, she doesn't want to get dressed and she is quiet throughout all the journey. I am contemplating not taking her anymore because of the affect this is having on her. I would also like to comment about the people belonging to organisations that say manitaining family ties are paramount. What they need to do is run a poll to see how many families aren't happy with the way The Prison Service handle the visiting procedure where children are concerned. We may see TV documentaries that show the members of the public prison officers who are compassionate, and no doubt some are, but many of us struggle maintaining ties because of the sheer attitude we face when entering prison to visit. Some prison's are disgusting and the officers behaviour makes families feel very intimated and worthless. Prison is designed to destroy families so those who harper on about manitaining family ties are talking through their backsides to put it politely. Thanks for listening.