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There must be some misteak - By Rend Shone

So I did some research and asked a number of my prison pen-pals whether they were graced with steak at Christmas time. 
According to some correctional officers; they were, and the same correctional officers were beside themselves because they couldn't have steak due to the partial Government shut-down. 
The Federal Bureau of Prison's stated that inmates do have a Christmas meal served to raise morale because they are away from their families. I completely agree with the BOP. 
In fact, one correctional officer said; ''inmates are eating like kings and laughing at us''. Makes a change then; because for 364 days of the year, the guards are poking fun and laughing at them. It could have been a lot worse though; what would have happened if the inmates were served ''Walls'' Ice-cream? Now that would have given the guards something to beef about - pardon the pun - given the current circumstances. 
On a serious note, and I can verify from my pen-pals that t…

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