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Dealing with depression in prison - by Sam, a former inmate

Dear Prison Widow UK 

I'd suffered with depression before I served my prison sentence. Whilst doing time, my mental health took a further tumble. 
During my stretch at Her Majesty's pleasure, I was doubled up with a guy who also suffered depression. I'd prevented him from self-harming on numerous occasions and couldn't prevent him on others. I'd raised concerns but they fell on deaf ears; not because the guards weren't interested; they were, but the prison was experiencing low staffing levels - which inevitably meant that inmates spent more time in their cells - which inevitably induced deeper depression for some. Including myself. 
I was advised by a staff member to keep my mind occupied and write to family. But if anyone of you reading this has suffered with depression, you will understand that you cannot be bothered to do anything let alone pick up a pen and write an upbeat note to family and friends. I didn't even want to talk to anyone on the phone becaus…

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