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I searched for my Dad and he is in prison - From his teenage daughter

Hi Prison Widow UK

I love reading your blog and thought I would share my story with you if that's OK. 
I'm nineteen years old and last year moved in to a flat with my boyfriend. 
My Dad was never on the scene when I was growing up and my Mum told me that he had gone and met another woman and basically never came back. 
Being inquisitive and because we are social media crazy, I decided to try and find my Dad. 
I did find him, but not on Facebook. I came across a local newspaper story in the archives that told me my Dad was in prison. More stories emerged and it became apparent that he was always in and out of prison. I understand to a point why my Mum wanted this to be kept a secret, but, I am at an age where I need to know certain things and I needed to know who and where my Dad was. I haven't told my Mum yet that I have found out this information and I don't know quite how to address it yet, but I will. 
I don't know how I feel about all this but my boyfriend is mega su…

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