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Our daughter wasn't enough - by Sarah

As told to Prison Widow UK on Wednesday 5th September; 2018 

Names have been changed to protect the individuals identity 

Just a week after our daughter's birth; he did again; he went and left us. He promised me that he was attending all his probation appointments; but he wasn't. He promised me also that drugs were a thing of the past; but they weren't. After everything we'd been through; I honestly thought that his beautiful new born daughter would be enough - but she wasn't. Her dad is back behind bars again.
I despise being thrust in to a category - prisoners families - but the truth is; I belong to the group known as - prisoner's families. I am one of the many family members who have travelled here; there and everywhere; to support my loved one in prison. Even when I was pregnant; tired and uncomfortable; I always made sure my partner had a visit from me. I thought it would do good and give him the shake he needed to stop this nonsense and create a better life…

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