Ashamed Of My Son - By Anonymous

My son will be sentenced this year and I am ashamed, worried and angry. I cannot go in to details because that would be unfair, but don't people realise that when they commit a crime, it is a tidal wave effect? Not only are there victims of crime, but there are innocent families of offenders who have to live with their actions as well. I am going through lots of emotions. Do I go to court? Do I give it a miss? Do I wash my hands of my son? Or do I support him in the sense of his rehabilitation? I am not and will not take this lightly though. He has got himself in to this mess and needs to face up to what he has done. He is on Judges Remand and I have been to see him. But I was disgusted at some of the conversations I heard from other family members who told me that this was their life and that they were used to visiting because their son's/partners were in and out of prison like yo yo's. I really am struggling at the moment and would like to ask any of your readers whether they have or feel the same?