BBC Question Time - by Mary PFV volunteer

I am glad it was not just me that was disappointed with last night;s Question Time on BBC1. Click here to read Jailhouselawyers take on it.

Where there was actually an opportunity to get some debate going about prison conditions, the Probation Service, the Criminal Justice System and so much more,, given the constraints of time. No such luck. Instead, I felt it was hijacked by the supposed 'accidental' outburst of Ken Clarke the previous day. Convenient timing you may ask yourself?. Or am I too cynical?.

Disappointed because there sat Jack 'The Grim Reaper' Straw, unapologetic for the mess he created within and without prisons when he was in office. Alongside him was Melanie Phillips, the 'Lady' from the Daily (lock em up) Mail. I wonder if this 'journalist' has ever been inside a prison? Nothing she contributed was in any way helpful or enlightening. Ken Clark was too busy smiling and blustering to really be too bothered about anything other than his faux pax. I have to say Ms Chakrabarti is the one who really took the biscuit!! At one point actually patting Ken Clarke's hand!!.

David Dimbleby and the BBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves, in fact, you may as well have been at Wandsworth, as some of the panellists mistakenly believed!!. Next time, if there is one after this, please let it be a 'normal' Question Time and not the sanitised programme that was inflicted upon us last night.