Bobby Cummines OBE Comment - By Shelly


I would like to comment on, Bobby Cummine's, comment.

"If you put a dog in a cupboard under the stairs and give it no training or love and affection, don't be surprised when it comes out and bites you," he said.

It's a fair comment and a very true one. But also, if you put a dog in a cupboard under the stairs and give it no training or attention, it can also give up on life. It has no life left and will just ferment - like many ex offenders who are slung in to diabolical hostels purely to fill beds and earn the Government yet more money. Put a dog in a kennel, and you will see the same desperate faces. They are locked in animal shelters because no one gives a sh*t about them, and that's the top and bottom of it. As for probation? Well good probation officers are a dying breed. Offender managers? Well what other posters on your blog are saying is true. They can't manage 5 minutes with any individual that walks in to their offices! So I am in agreement that NOMS have made a huge mistake changing their title! My partner has been in prison a few times. Inside probation are about as useful as an open top sweat box! I agree that many probation officers have made a difference to people lives. But I am not blowing my own trumpet, or maybe I am, there are more families of offenders that have made more of a profound impact on ex prisoners than any professional working in the criminal justice system. Well what choice do they have? Because probation officers aren't doing their jobs are they? They are weighted down with too much paperwork to even give an offender a look in! So I will finish on another note referring to the beginning. If a dog is mistreated - it will just simply ignore its commands - just like offenders ignore their probation officers.