Chickens Given Glasses To Stop Them Fighting!

Chinese farmer Zhang Xiaolong gave his chickens plastic glasses to stop them fighting – and the specially designed spectacles have worked, he says. Xiaolong, who lives in Xiamen, in southern China’s Fujian Province, reckons the normally aggressive roosters are a lot more peaceful since they started donning their new accessories. Actually blinkers and not glasses as such, the little specs prevent the birds from seeing straight ahead, making direct confrontation with other roosters more difficult as they’re forced to look around the sides and be more cautious. ‘My roosters were always fighting each other – I was losing ten birds a day,’ said Xiaolong. ‘I was inspired by my own glasses and thought if I could just block their view so they can’t see each other directly, they wouldn’t have fights. ‘It has worked really well. They can’t attack each other so confrontations have been minimized.