Dad's Prison Sentence Was Kept A Secret - By Anonymous

Hi. I don't have a partner or a family member in prison, but my dad was in prison some years back. When he was released, I didn't know him. I was 5 when he was sentenced and I was 15 when he was released. I remember having a dad around when I was 5 but very vaguely. His sentence was kept a secret from me until I saw him sat in my front room when i was 15. I was told that my dad had gone to live abroad and I accepted it simply because I was young and naive. What I will say is this, for any parent to lie about the whereabouts of their mum or dad who is in prison, it could have devastating effects. My dad took his own life two years after his release and I never got to know him at all. So for any organisation that may sway you in to telling your child that their mum or dad is working away or has gone to live somewhere else, please be careful what you say.