Do Teachers Understand Children Affected By Parental Imprisonment? - By Anji

Hi, I have been reading lots of your posts and found your excellent blog through searching on Google for information on the Strangeways programme. My long term partner isn't in Strangeways, but he is in prison. We have an 8 year old daughter and I cannot help but to feel so much anger towards him for putting us through this. During the Easter half term school holidays, we went to visit him in prison. My daughter was fine and the prison officers were very polite. But once my daughter returned to school after the holidays, she broke down in class because her teacher asked her to draw a picture of what they did in their holidays. This is the first time my daughter has shown any emotion since her dad went to prison, but I am guessing that the drawing incident at school really hit home and affected her. We had kept the prison issue purely between ourselves, and the school didn't know that her dad was in prison. My daughter ended up telling her teacher, who was understanding about the situation, but couldn't really assist my daughter because she herself told me that she has no knowledge of dealing with children who have a parent in prison. I would, if possible, like to know if any other parents who have a child in the same boat has mine, have had dealings with teachers, and whether they have come across any who do have the knowledge on how to support a child with a parent in prison? Thanks in advance.