A dog in the cupboard? - by Mary pfv volunteer

Shelly makes a very good point when she commented on Bobby Cummines OBE. "If you put a dog in a cupboard under the stairs and give it no training or love and affection, don't be surprised when it comes out and bites you,"

I agree with those that say 'there is no such thing as a bad dog, the truth is, there are bad owners'. I think our CJS is a great example of 'bad owners'.

How on earth they can justify their poor performance in relation to re offending? When are our Prison Services ever going to actually listen?. Who else is better to comment on conditions and ways to improve those conditions than prisoners and their families and friends? Instead they continue making things up as they go along. Families can help reduce re offending? How? they are not even deemed fit enough to be involved in their re settlement back into society by the Probation Service!!.