Everyday Is A Struggle - By Partner Of Prisoner

Bringing children up on your own whilst your partner is in prison is tough work. The lady on the Strangeways documentary said it all for me. She said that every day is a struggle and I agree, because I am in the same boat. I can't explain the feeling about what it's like having a partner in prison, because it's a kind of weird one. Everyday is a prison day on the out, and other partners of prisoners and family members will probably know where I'm coming from. If I happen to nip to the shop and I've got a missed call, I think, was it him ringing? If someone rings between 6-and 8.00pm, I have to cut them short because my partner is probably queuing to use the phone and won't be happy if there's an engaged tone. It's hard work, it really is hard work. Your life to a degree is on hold as much as the prisoners. Many would disagree with me, but your life to a degree pretty much does revolve around the prisoner. Phone calls, letters, visits, sorting out clothing, sorting out phone credit, booking a visit, and whatever else crops up. I too don't feel sorry for myself, it's not like that, but I do sometimes sit down and cry and say, 'this life is a load of boll*cks.' Because it is. Then comes the doubt and you think, 'I wonder if he's going to sort his head out when he's released?' ' I wonder if this is his last prison stretch?' I totally understood where the lady from documentary was coming from.