An Example Why Mobiles Are Used By Prisoners - By Wife Of Prisoner

I'm like many of you who post on the blog. I too am not proud of the fact that my husband has had occasional use of a mobile, but here's why. My husband's mother died and he had run low on phone units to use the prison phone. Don't get me wrong, the prison were amazing and let him phone me from the office. But there was so much to organise for the funeral. He was desperately
depressed to as he maintained contact with his mum and she visited him often. He managed to get access to a mobile phone in prison and he rang me every day, every night, and through the night. In truth, the mobile phone saved him from going down a very sticky emotional road. When you hear a loved one in prison contemplating taking their own life's, then I'm sorry, if my husband can get access to a mobile, then so be it. If HM Prison Service think about it, then why in heaven's name do they charge prisoners 7 times more than a normal UK call? That mobile phone during the death of his mum, saved his life!