HM Prison & Mobile Phones - By Anon

I would like to comment on prisoners rehabilitation please. First of all, I would like to say that Prisoner Ben is by no means a small minority of prisoners who have had access to a mobile phone in prison. My partner does to, and the simple reason he does is because ringing from the prison phone costs too much money. It cost 7 X the rates of a standard call on the outside. Without a mobile, my other half wouldn't be able to talk to me and the kids. I know that prisoners are sent to prison for punishment, and part of that punishment is being taken away from your family. But why do the family have to be made to suffer in the process? Sorry, but if me and the kids get to talk to my partner in prison more by him having access to a phone, then so be it. Is it any wonder prisoners rebel when the system punishes the family? My children miss their dad, and I won't top up the Governments pockets by sending postal orders in so he can ring me on their rip off call charges! As for rehabilitation? Well my partners rehabilitation consists of games, the gym and drinking prison hooch. Sorry, but if I don't tell it has it is, then people will think that the UK prison system are doing their job. Well they aren't because they couldn't run a race without falling half way!