HM Prison Service Allow Prisoners Children To Be Bullied! - By Karen Mellor

This is what happens when the likes of, The Ministry of Justice and Michael Spurr, head of the Prison Service, along with ITV, screen a prison series that has an impact on the thousands of children affected by parental imprisonment! They think it's great to screen images of prisoners, pis*ing and shit*ing their cells, whilst other prisoners are throwing items out of their cell hatches. If the likes of bespectacled, Michael Spurr, thinks this does not have a devastating impact on innocent children with a parent in prison, then he is more dense than I thought he was! For our friends in the USA and our European friends amongst other countries who indeed read our blog and support our work, this is what the UK Prison Service do. They send out messages to charities and organisations saying how important it is for prisoners families to maintain ties, and they throw out a programme that entices every bully from underneath their rocks to mock children of prisoners who have been affected by the documentary. Charities that campaign on behalf of prisoners families work hard to encourage family contact, and then what happens? The Prison Service undo that work and promote prisoners dirty protesting and deranged prisoners who quite clearly should be housed in secure units, not prison, to get help for their mental health problems. In my opinion, The Prison Service, yes you, Michael Spurr, are a sad individual who has no compassion for innocent children who are being mocked and bullied because of your little show with ITV! Shame on the lot of you! You deserve every backlash post you get!