HM Prison Service - By Elaine

HM Prison Service apparently say that they encourage family contact with prisoners. Prisoners are taken away from their families, which in my view, is the worst punishment for anyone. When a judge sentences someone to prison, he sentences their families along with him, and I will tell you why. My husband is in prison. Quite obviously it's his fault so I don't need preaching to about that, although some of my family and friends do. The Government along with HM Prison Service say that family contact is vital and it could lead to reducing re-offending. What these people seem to forget is, I end up paying for it, not my partner. His sentence costs me money on a weekly basis, and I have no choice but to spend the money because our children miss their dad. Therefore, because of the cost of prison calls, which I've read on many of your posts on your blog, is 7 times dearer than a normal standard call, it costs me near on £20.00 a week so my partner can speak to our children. Then there is the cost of postage stamps which cost me a further £6.00 a week because my daughter likes to send her dad drawings. On top of all that, there is the visit cost. I get a little help towards the cost, but not all. I visit once a fortnight and it costs me £18.00 return in a taxi from the train station to the prison. Then there is the cost of buying snacks and drinks from the visitors and on top of that, I need money to buy snacks and drinks inside the visiting room. My partner may then need a few extra quid for toiletries, because he tries and saves his prison wages to top up his phone units with so he can ring me and the kids every day. In a nutshell, HM Prison Service is taking the p*ss. They encourage family contact at a cost and it is the innocent people paying for it. They make me vomit to be quite truthful with you. I am out of pocket, not the prisoner!