HM Prison Service Insults Prisoners Families - By Anonymous

Making Contact

Visiting a family member or a friend in prison can be a difficult experience, however we consider this of vital importance and do everything in our power to make it as easy and comfortable as possible.


Hi There PFV! I found your blog through a Google search and it's great! At last a place for prisoners families to voice their opinions! I have copy and pasted the above for your readers to look at, which is a paragraph from the HM Prison Service website. They claim that prison visiting can be a difficult experience and they consider this of vital importance. Well for the HM Prison Service's information, my visits have practically come to an halt because my partner has been carted off to a prison at least 3 hours away from my home. So if the Prison Service think that is easy and comfortable for me, then they can think again. The whole paragraph in my opinion should be removed from their website because it is an insult to the many families in the same situation as myself. The Prison Service do everything in their power to make it the opposite of what they are stating on their website! Visiting can also be a difficult experience for families when the likes of Governor Noonan at HMP Bristol pulls a stunt such as inviting the media along to a visit. So again, the above statement by HM Prison Service is full of crap. I don't have anything more to add, because their bull crap statement above quite clearly speaks for itself!