The Innocent Pay The Price Of A Prison Sentence - By Anonymous

Hi I am a newby to the prison wives/partners club unfortunatley and found your website in a blind panic 2 days after hubby was sent away to our local HMP establishment
I have 6 children ranging 17 down to 8 weeks old and cannot believe the costs involved to get to see my partner and help him out a small bit.
£45 in travel a week, that's if we go only once then there's dinner while we out even if its a sandwich from home then sweets and drinks in the visit £10, and then to send hubby various bits stamps and spends £10-15 thats £70 minimum a week and now on a single parent budget I cant do it thats when he is on remand when he gets sentenced and moved probs about 2-3 hours away I dread to think what thats going to cost!
I will maintain contact with my husband, to what financial and emotional cost to me and his children I dont know how long I can keep this up.
My children need their daddy he is not a bad daddy just one who made a mistake trying to make life better for me and his children and now we are having to pay a whole lot more.