Keeping In Touch - By Cheryl

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. My name Cheryl and I am a single parent bringing up an 8 year old daughter. Her dad is in prison at the moment. Because of money and the lack of it, we visit him every month for the time being. But I came up with an idea that might interest some of your readers. My partner sometimes struggles to word his letters to our daughter. So I browse the internet for children's poems and copy them on to paper. I then send them, two at a time, once a week, to my partner so that he can copy them. He writes them down on paper at his end and then addresses the letter to my daughter. She loves receiving them and I bought a little folder so that she can keep them. We often read some of them of a night time together and they really do make her smile. There are lots of little stories and lovely poems on the internet. I'm not a poetry writer at all, so this is why I came up with the idea, so that my partner and our daughter can at least interact and his letters to her are interesting and fun to read. Her face lights up when she sees a letter addressed to her when she comes home from school. Try it!
Your blog, Prisoners Families Voices is excellent by the way. Thanks for sharing.