Ministry Of Justice Are Cruel And Unjust - By Cari

I want to highlight the injustice that terminally ill prisoners face.

A lifer prisoner I knew who had been released on license some years back but who was recalled for a crime he was subsequently cleared of - but who remained in jail year after year was diagnosed with terminal cancer last autumn.

Application was made for compassionate release but he continued to remain in prison until he was so ill a few weeks back that he was moved to a local hospital.

I tried to visit him on Friday but the prison guard outside his room advised after consulting the prison that I could not see him as I was not an 'approved' visitor. This prisoner was comatose and unresponsive and posed a danger to no-one. He advised that they were awaiting 'compassionate release' that was imminent.

Yesterday I received the news that this prisoner received compassionate release at 10pm but sadly died a few hours later.

HMP/Ministry of Justice/the home sec had clear information that he was terminally ill months ago but chose to delay his release.

Why? Where is compassion in this society of ours? Something desperately needs to be done for terminal patients inside. It is cruel and unjust to keep them until the bitter end.