Mobiles And Family Contact With Prisoners - By Sunni

OK, some readers may say I am a bit of an hypocrite because I am all for rehabilitation and prisoner re-settlement. I take prison seriously and as well as the victims of crime, I feel for the prisoners children to who are caught up in the aftermath too. Unfortunately though, I too receive calls from mobile phones in prison. If I refused those calls, then I am denying my daughter of chatting to her dad, and right now she needs the contact with him because she isn't having a great time at school. I know mobile phones aren't allowed in prison and I am aware that some prisoners use them for dodgy dealings, but this is not the case with my partner. He phones his daughter to talk to her and to talk to me. If the Government are so hell bent on saying that prisoners families help to reduce re-offending, then why do they make it so difficult for families to maintain ties? Anon is right in saying that prison call charges cost 7 times more than a normal phone call. Basically, that's why some prisoners have access to mobile phones, and call me an hypocrite, but in honest truth, if I was in prison, and I needed contact with my family, then yes, I would damn well use one as well rather than pay, or let my family pay, for the extortionate call charges HMP charge. I'm not saying it's right prisoners can get access to mobile phones, the prison has its rules etc, but I can understand exactly why prisoners want to get their hands on them. Some prisoners can only use the prison phone at certain times of day. I know one lady who works shifts and finishes work at 6.00pm and her partner in prison cannot sometimes catch her in because she's either not home from work due to traffic or doing overtime. So do I blame prisoners for using a mobile? Quite frankly, no I don't. If a phone call puts a smile on my daughters face, then so be it!