My Brother Is In And Out Of Prison - By Max

I'm not one for commenting on my personal life, but having watched, Question Time, a few nights ago, I laughed my head off at the TV screen. My brother is in and out of prison. Prison doesn't bother him, it's his second home and it's as simple as that. Myself and the family have tried our best with him, but to no success. He is always in prison for petty offences, therefore he his given prison sentences no longer than 12 months usually. In fact I haven't known him to have served longer than 12 months. More or less after his release, people try and sort him out with accommodation. Give him a month and because he hasn't got a clue about managing his money or paying bills, he's back in prison because he says it is an easier option. In prison, you have no responsibilities, so he's back to square one draining tax payers money. My question if I had the opportunity to ask Ken Clarke would be - " So how do you resolve it? How do you rehabilitate short term offenders when it seems that the UK system practically welcomes them back with open arms?" The Prison System is a joke and is in desperate need of reform. One of the problems is, the system and the UK have always been backwards on coming forwards and live and work in the dark ages.