My Release From Prison - By Ex Offender

Hi to everyone at Prisoners Families Voices. I have been following your blog with a passion and commend you on such a great read. I am an ex prisoner. And each prisoner has their own experiences on their release from prison. I had a family to go to. Many prisoners don't. I consider myself very fortunate in that respect. I would like to comment that, Prison Widow, had a very valid point about the prison documentary, Strangeways. By promoting the fact that a prisoner was offered employment, and then basically screwed up his chance to make something of himself, The Prison Service along with the media, have practically given prospective employers negative feedback. As an ex prisoner myself, it took me 10 months to find work. Every interviewer went through my CV with a fine tooth comb, and I explained why there were gaps in my CV. I was honest and luckily, for me, the employer gave me a chance. I fell upon an employer who so happened to have a son in prison. Pure luck I'd call it, but I grabbed the job with both hands and have been there two years now. I know lads out here, who have been in prison who are still looking for work, and are still having to explain their gaps in their CV's. It's embarrassing when employers ask. Some are even contemplating whether to fill those gaps in with blag jobs. That's their decision and I wouldn't give my opinion on that either way. What I am trying to say is, it is difficult enough out here for ex offenders to find work, without the Prison Service and the media making things a whole lot harder by promoting the fact that a prisoner screwed up his chances after being offered a job. It makes me wonder what the sole intention and purpose of the Prison Service was when they filmed that particular story?