No More Prison - By Partner Of A Prisoner From Birmingham

Hi to PFV and readers. I would like to share my story with you. When my partner was sentenced to 12 years in prison, I decided to stand by him. But I also decided to turn my life around too. I enrolled at college to better myself and our children's future. If mine and my partners relationship was to stand any chance at all, then as well as him studying in prison, I decided to do the same. When he was first sentenced, I was depressed and it was an effort to get dressed every morning if I am honest. But one day, I thought, ' this is no good for me or the kids.'
I am loving every minute of studying and aiming to be a midwife. I am 35, but I have 30 years until retirement and intend to make something of myself. My partner is proud of me, and I have laid my cards down on the table by saying this is the last time I intend standing by him. No more prison. I love him to bits, and if he loves me the same back, then he will knock this prison life in to touch and basically grow up for his family. I want to be delivering babies and taking family holidays with my wages -not spending every weekend on train to visit him in prison all my life.