Partners Rehabilitation Is Watching Jeremy Kyle - By Anonymous

Mary's Post

Hi PFV. I agree with Mary's post on re-offending. ( Above highlighted link )
It all balls down to money. The Government cut bloody funding from organisations that help and support ex offenders, yet they expect the tax payer to pay £50,000 a year for keeping a prisoner in jail! That really is the mentality of the UK and the old biddies that run it. My partner has a cleaning job in prison. He is unlocked to do his job, then he is locked up again to watch the likes of Jeremy Kyle on TV! That's HM Prison rehabilitation for you! Half of the lads who clean with him on the wing who are inside for stealing jars of coffee etc, could be cleaning areas within our communities and serving their sentences that way. What kind of rehabilitation is this crap? Cleaning floors in prison for a crap wage that doesn't even cover their phone calls to ring their families? I'll tell you this much, and I don't care what anyone thinks either, worthwhile charities get slashed with funding, yet the Government give funding for people to open kebab shops left right and centre? Yes they do because trust me, I have been in the throws of the business enterprise schemes and all the rest of it! It's broken Britain alright! And it's our children I feel sorry for having to bring them up in this country!