Pay Up Or Deny Your Children The Rights To See Their Dad - By 'Emily'

Hi Prisoners Families Voices. I have 3 children and a partner inside prison. Before he was sent to prison, we were paying off some debts. Now his wage has gone, I am receiving debt letters and debt collectors at my door. I am offering them so much money per week. On top of those debts, I send my partner £10.00 a week so he can put some money on the prison telephone and what's left to buy his toiletries. That's £40.00 a month. I visit every week because he is at a local prison so the transport is roughly £10.00 return in a taxi. A bus route there is hit and miss and to walk there with 3 young children is a no go. That's another £40.00 a month, which adds up to £80.00 a month. Then I need money for drinks for my children and between £10.00 and £20.00 pound coins to take in to the visits room. That's another £40.00 a month. Which then adds up to £120.00 a month. In fact it's slightly more after I've spent money in the visitors centre on arrival. The judge may as well sentence the families of prisoners, because the punishment does not lie with the prisoner at all apart from his or her's liberty being taken away. Financially, the courts are crippling innocent families and I agree with Prison Widow especially when she said that we are basically money making machines for The Prison Service. So what do I do? Save over £120.00 a month and deny the children of a dad?

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