PFV Is A Real Platform For Prisoners Families - By Anon Wife Of Prisoner

Penal Reform Campaigners

I would like to reply to, UK Prison Is A Breeze, post please. ( link above ) The poster talked about 'old timers' going in to schools and giving talks to children about prison. I sat in on a school assembly once whilst someone gave one of those talks. He was good, but he was talking about when he was in prison in the 1970's. Some of the older children in the school, do have family members in prison and didn't relate to the talk at all. Gone are the days of 'slopping out' and porridge. I also agree that the UK are backwards in coming forwards. I have a partner in prison in HMP Liverpool. Three years ago, I aimed to set up a support group in the area for prisoners families. I'll go straight to the point and say that the whole thing put me off because of the sheer competitiveness of charities. I'm not impressed by them to be quite blunt with you. But that's my opinion and I am entitled to it when I am in this situation myself. So I go my own way and offer my support freely to other families I meet on prison visits. I don't need ex number of pounds off the Government to do it either. I only come across your blog whilst looking and searching for books for children of prisoners, and I have enjoyed reading it. It's actually about time that there was a real honest platform for prisoners families who can air their views. So well done.