Prison Documentary Sent Out The Wrong Signal - By Prison Widow

I had a good chat today with our Admin graphics man, Leve about the Strangeways documentary. What bugged me, and it probably bugged many of you too, was when one of the prisoners was offered a job at an hotel on release from prison. At the end of the programme, it stated that the prisoner lasted just one month in his job. OK, now if I was an employer watching the Strangeways programme, who may have considered or has considered to give ex offenders a chance by offering them employment, that could have put me off employing someone on release from prison. To me, it sent out the wrong signal. I know many ex offenders who have managed to sort out their live's and are working full time. They have changed their life's around with the support from their families. Something Strangeways forgot to mention in their documentary. In fact, there was a lot of issues Strangeways forgot to air, but then it was a programme purely for the eyes of the general public. If you want to know my opinion on the ITV documentary having watched all three episodes - well it was crap. The only thing the programme has gained, is a fan club for prisoner, David Charlton. People who I know, who do not have a partner or relative in prison, told me that the only reason they tuned in to the final part of the programme, was to see if, dirty protester, David Charlton, was going to entertain viewers again. So if ITV and The Prison Service honestly think that their little show would make some sort of impact on their viewers, Well all I can say is, it did. In the form of a comedy!