Prison Healthcare Outrage! - By Anon

I just want to say that I am outraged, furious and also insulted by the latest strangeways episode!!! I have waited before writing as I did not want to write in anger, but I just cant calm down. I think the health care the mentally ill patient received was appauling, prisoner or not. Not only was CLEARLY too unwell to engage in any kind of talking therapy, when he did he receive this so-called "therapy" it was through the few inch wide hatch!!!! He was also left untreated for a considerable ammount of time (which would have resulted in further deterioration). At last they finally get in a mental health team who take no time at all to see he is clearly very poorly, hallelujah!!!!! But as he was left untreated for such a time this means a longer recovery!!!!! This man was labelled a feigner, by healthcare professionals, I felt the same could be said of them.