Prisons and Mobiles - by Mary PFV volunteer

Mobile Phones

As anon says in her post on mobile phones in prison, (see above link), while the prison services allow the likes of private companies to charge 7 times the cost of normal landlines, the problem of mobiles in prisons is not going to go away. How can that be allowed?. These people are in prison for their crime, loss of liberty is the punishment, not downright daylight robbery!!. What else would you call it?

Look at poor old Prisoner Ben, he is now in danger of losing everything, not least of all his chance to finally get to open prison!!. Where, incidentally, he should have already been. If not for the monumental stupidity of 'the system'. He is by no means the only one to have used a mobile phone, far from it, he just got caught, or his 'enemies' finally got their revenge?. In any case if the cost of calling on prison phones were not so exorbitant, maybe mobiles would not be such an attractive alternative.

The main punishment for being caught with a mobile phone in prison, apart from the petty withdrawal of privileges, built up over time I may add, is 2years in prison!! Yet MP's who swindle us out of millions, are usually in open prison within days, with all the privileges that go with that. Including access to mobile phones. Can anyone convince me that 'The Law' is NOT an Ass??