Prizes From The Government Stand For Nothing - By Prison Widow

I read the post about the young mother who sends £80.00 a month to her partner in prison so he can talk to their children on the phone. You see, prisoners families and children have to pay for the privilege to speak to their loved ones in prison. Calls from prison cost 7 times more than your normal standard rate. Do the prison Governors phones in their offices cost the same? No.
So maybe the next time that ITV or BBC wish to make a documentary on prison's, I would highly recommend that they make a series on prisoners families and how much it costs to support a prisoner inside. You see, whilst the household bills come rattling through our letterbox, there's another one that's invisible. You can only see it when you slide open the zip on your purse. It's logo is - HM Prison. You only have search online and you will find endless Government rambles and Prison Service quotes that say: ' We encourage families to maintain ties with their loved ones in prison.' That's their advertisement and pitch to make money from us. £80.00 a month is near on a mortgage payment here in the north-west of England. And right now as I am typing this, there will be some single parent queuing in the post-office drawing their child benefit money and using half of it, or maybe the majority of it, to send to their partner's in prison. And the British Government are allowing them to do so because of its Victorian stuck-up system. But who's suffering whilst the Government make these choices? Correct, the children are! That's why I am reluctant to sit in on conferences. I'm even more reluctant to eat their Government funded buffets whilst family members are paying The Prison Service £80.00 a month so that their loved ones inside can talk to their children on the phone. So whilst all these competitive charities are scratching for funding, think on, their are kids going without because the system is taking THEIR money so that they can talk to their mum's or dad's in prison. I need say no more really. You get the picture. It's painted on a large canvas that often hangs on the wall shadowed by certificates, awards, peerage's and gongs. So my message is quite simple. You carry on flaunting your little prizes from the Government, but remember this, somewhere today in the UK, there is a child that cannot spend a day out at the seaside this half term. Because their money is given to HM Prison Service to pay to talk to their mummy's or daddy's.