Probation Needs Reform - By Kapsy

First and foremost, I have to agree with Stuart Darlington that the UK Justice System is run by old farts out of touch with today's society. My friend, aged 34, was recently released from prison and I attended probation with him on a few occasions. I was amazed at how his probation officer spoke to him. I'm not sure whether this is because the UK has become a politically correct head case country, but she spoke to him like she was speaking to my 5 five year old daughter! He is a grown man who made a mistake. He had never been in trouble before and has worked all his life, yet his probation officer is talking to him like he has had struggled all his life! He hasn't, and like I said, he made a mistake and most certainly does not want to go back to prison. I have to mention that his probation officer is in her mid 50's. I am not slating her, as I won't because she is in fact a lovely lady, but she is out of touch in a way that she is obviously old skool and one of her biggest reputations is recall to prison. Probation needs reform desperately because it's like walking in to my little girls reception class! I know their clients are 'naughty boys and girls' but please, I wish they would stop talking to them like they need to sit on the naughty step! Get modern and get living in this century, not the Victorian times please!