Probation Service Is A failure - By Denise Cooper


RE: above post.

I agree with Lona 100%. Bobby Cummines obviously needed the help to rehabilitate and thanks to a good probation officer, quite clearly he did! If there were more probation officers that helped the likes of, Bobby Cummines, then the world would be a better place. Unfortunately, they are now very far and few between. It seems in my experience that a probation officer would rather recall ex offenders back to prison to save the hassle of helping them. If any of your readers think that's an unfair comment, then please hear me out. My brother was placed in to an hostel. The hostel itself was a doss house, like many in the UK are. Having had problems there, probation refused to move him, so my brother packed his bags and left. He knew he would be recalled for this, so he came to mine, I rang his probation officer, who very kindly told us that everything was too late and his recall to prison was faxed through. As a family member of an ex prisoner who was there for her brother the whole way through his sentence, the way probation dealt with him was laughable. And they are supposed to be the professional dealing with ex offenders? Rubbish! All learnt from a text book with no hands on experience whatsoever. Some people asked me if my brother was just being awkward about the hostel situation. Well if you call a place swimming with drugs and alcohol for someone who had by a miracle, become clean in prison, an appropriate place to send someone, then more fool you. Would probation by any chance re-house an alcoholic in a pub? One word to say to Bobby Cummines, ' thank God you were an offender years ago, because in this day and age if you asked for help from probation, trust me Mr Cummines, you would not get it!'