Revolving Doors - By Partner Of Ex Prisoner

Hi PFV! I have contributed to your blog a few times, but something has been bugging me since I watched the prison documentary, Strangeways. The programme featured some prisoners who had gained qualifications whilst serving their sentence. I'm all for education, but how do these prisoners put their qualifications in to practice? Most employers today, especially in this economical mess, want experience and work history to back up qualifications. Certificates gained in prison does not by any standards offer prisoners a future. My partner has a folder full of certificates and completed courses that he achieved in prison. He has been on many interviews and employers want work history, not a folder full of certificates. My partner is living proof at the moment on how difficult it is to get a job. It's hard for anyone these days to get a job when they have never been in prison! He walked out of prison educated, I can't deny that. But he also walked out of prison without any job interview technique or a CV. Maybe some prison's are now doing that, but my partner hasn't been out long, and the prison he was in, gave him the education, his folder, and a pat on the back. How can prison rehabilitate prisoners? Well they can't because prison is a false world, it is not reality, and that's why the revolving doors will keep on moving. They will never shut - ever.