Shafted From All Directions - By Bernie

Prizes from the Government stand for nothing ( prison Widow Link )

Amen! Prison Widow! The only time I will applaud any gong given by the criminal justice system will be when their brain's or whatever treatment they are taking for them, kicks in and actually sends signals that realise just how much children of prisoners are affected by imprisonment. But lets have it right, the money situation stretches right across the board here. There are postal orders sent to prisoners for phone calls. Then there is travel money for a visit. On top is the cost of buying the family drinks and snacks at arrival to prison and more money needed whilst sat on the visit. Prisoners families are being shafted from all directions! We are right little money spinners for the criminal justice lot aren't we? The next time I am on a visit, I will calculate exactly how much I spend and email you. I know I spend £10.00 a week and roughly nearly £3.50 a week on a book of stamps, so I am nearing nearly £15.00 myself. That's not including the visit cost. The reason the phone calls are costly from prison is to make an example. But they aint making an example from the damn prisoners are they? They are shafting us lot - the families of prisoners! You are also right about the prestigious Government gongs as well Prison Widow. I couldn't give a toss who's got what. No trophies or useless awards compensate for the unjust treatment of prisoners children! But that's the UK system for you straight down the line. Basking in glory!