Strangeways Is An HMP 'Woe Is Me' Programme! - By Tania

The second part of the documentary, Strangeways, was for me, a scene from, One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest! I've watched many programmes like it, and they always appear to be filmed as an insight to what prison officers have to go through. Strangeways is a prison officer documentary in my opinion. How many prison programmes have you come across where it shows prisoners doing some good? My partner raised ex number of pounds for charity when he was in prison, and I know others who still do in and around prisons in the UK. But this ITV shambles is just another public snoop at the mentally ill and how prison officers suffer at the hands of it. You want me to be blunt? Well it's a load of boll*cks! But it's TV ratings and no doubt the public don't want to see how some prisoners actually do some good inside and put something back in to society whilst they are locked up. It's another Prison Service 'Woe is me' programme!