Strangeways? most certainly - by Mary pfv volunteer

As this 'Soapumentary' airs I hope the people responsible for this missed opportunity to give a realistic view of life in prison are ashamed of themselves.

I would love to see a true 'fly-on-the-wall' expose!!. If anyone was ever in any doubt about the media's intention to continue spouting the usual claptrap they call journalism about prisons and the conditions imposed on prisoners, including denial of some of their Human Rights, they should be well and truly dispelled now.

I agree with Karen Mellor when she closes her excellent post with 'The Prison Service, yes you, Michael Spurr, are a sad individual'. The HMP Services, Justice Sec, Ken Clarke, and the whole Criminal 'Justice' System have a lot to answer for. They are the organisations, and Government Ministers that could make a difference. They choose not to.

Another post, this time by Tania, (CLICK HERE) says it very well, she comments about the effect this ill thought out programme has had on some of the children of prisoners serving time at Strangeways. Although prisoners families are well used by now to the sort of implied suggestion that they too are guilty also, at least that is how society, and the Prison 'Service' treats them anyway.

My last thought about this programme, for now anyway, also involves another post!!. ( We have had so many comments about Strangeways) It comes from Anji and asks where is the help for children at school with a parent in prison. The short answer to that one is none, or at least nothing that is usually offered. If you are lucky enough to have found some support, please let us know how and where you got it.

All I can say is, keep reading, keep writing, keep shouting, it is about time these people and organisations started listening to those who actually know what they are talking about, and get some realistic debate started about the purpose of this and other programmes like it.