Strangeways Prisoner Gets Facebook Fan Page

Strangeways? Well that’s what the programme actually is, Strange! I’m not sure what The Prison Service is indeed trying to achieve – apart from giving, a prisoner from the series, a Facebook fan page! It appears that he has over 117,000 fans! So, so much for deterring the general public! This is how the UK is mocking the system and Government these days. The second installment, aired Monday just gone, was nothing but a copycat, yet real life take on, Little Britain. It has to be said that the prisoner in question was rather entertaining and it appeared the prison officers thought so too. But there is a serious issue surrounding the prisoner. He clearly has issues. The hospital don’t want him, Social Services don’t know what to do with him, so he is basically a statistic where as no one knows what to do for him for the best, hence his home is, Strangeways, which is pretty outrageous if you ask me. Despite his entertaining language and outbursts, he is a human being when all said and done.

By Kelly ( partner of a prisoner )