To Mum of a Prisoner - Never Give Up!! - by Mary PFV volunteer

I am writing this in response to the post:- Prisoners--Rehabilitation -or-Punishment by the Mum of a prisoner.
Although I absolutely agree with you when you say you are baffled by the way things are done within the Prison Service, don't ever think about giving up!!. All the things that are wrong with out Criminal 'Justice' System will only get worse if we do that.
I know it is hard, and there is no help from the authorities or indeed the few hard pressed charities that help and support prisoners families, what you can do is what you have done, sat down and made a comment, keep highlighting the things you think are wrong within prisons, write your letters of complaint, if done properly they will make a difference, even if it takes time.
As for the BBC Question Time, I thought it was one of the most sanitised editions of the show I have ever seen, see my post of yesterday about it.
I wish you and your son well, and please, DON'T GIVE UP!!