UK Courts Sentence Families Not Prisoners - By Partner Of Prisoner

I'm 4 months pregnant and have already have a 4 year old son. My partner was sentenced 2 months ago. We've lost a wage and like another poster on your blog, he committed a crime to make some money for the family. This is what the UK has come to so my advice to the British Government is to build more prisons quick sharp. Since he was sentenced, I have had to claim single parent benefits. I had no idea how much prison phone calls cost, so I send him the money to cover calls to speak to us. I send him £15.00 postal order a week. The travel to prison costs me £20.00 a week and a further £20.00 a week by the time I have bought us refreshments inside the prison etc. My whole child benefit goes on maintaining ties with my partner in prison. That money's gone. I then just live off child tax credits and income support.