The UK Justice System Run By Old Farts - By Stu Darlington

If you tuned in to, BBC Question Time, it's pretty clear that the UK justice system is run by old farts that are out of touch. The UK itself is run by old dithering farts that think they are back in the 1960's era. Truth is, we're not. When was the last time the likes of, Ken Clarke or Jack Straw actually spoke to a prisoners family member or a young prolific offender? Also, when was the last time some of these penal reform old timers, who have served bird back in the days of the 1960's and 70's, spent time with any youths that are banged up in our prisons today? It makes me howl that some of them who campaign for penal reform, thrive on babbling their stories about being inside the nick with the Kray's and so on. Bird back then was a whole lot different than it is now and there is no comparison. I haven't heard many stories about the ex cons back then slopping out and then reaching for their games consoles to spend bang up playing on Tomb Raider have you? The UK is an old farts system, run by old farts who are out of touch with reality and the people of Britain. I watched a programme a few nights ago called, The Secret Millionaire. On the programme, one guy was serving a jail sentence for selling drugs in order to pay for his university fees. I also personally know a mother who is currently in prison who was convicted of selling drugs because she wanted money to pay off debts. If she worked here in the UK part time, she would be £12.00 per week better off working than claiming benefits. My neighbour, he bought a van to set up his own removals business and general handy man services. He sold the van because the council was charging him money for this licence, money for another licence and God knows what else. If criminal justice boffins really want to know why the UK turn to crime, then here's your answer - to live.