UK Prison Is A Breeze - By Sis Of Prisoner

Hi PFV. What I would like to say is this. Do penal reformers campaign for prisoners as a hobby?
And where exactly in the UK are the campaigners? Because I don't see many articles featuring protests. The only ones I have come across when I have googled, is the campaigns of, Pauline Campbell, who used to stand in front of any prison van that was taking in female inmates to prison. Secondly, I would like to ask these so called penal reformers why my brother 'enjoys' prison. That's right, he actually 'enjoys' it. So whilst the UK have ex old timers tottering round to schools giving their talks on prison, why don't they send in the likes of my brother who will in no uncertain terms tell those kids that prison 'is a complete breeze.' It just goes to show how much the UK think they can bull people! It makes me howl!