UK Probation Service Failed Years Ago! - By Lynettee

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I must agree with, Denise Cooper's, post. The National Probation Service aren't failing - they failed years ago! I also agree that many probation officers recall offenders back to prison for the most ridiculous things. Is it because they cannot be bothered with the offender? Or is it because they simply have no time for the offender? I put it down to that they have no time for them because their workload is outrageous. My partners probation officer isn't called a probation officer any more. His new title is, offender manager. The problem with that title is, he couldn't manage 5 minutes of his time with my partner, so the title in itself is ludicrous! I too read the BBC story on re-offending here. It is simple for, Bobby Cummines, to make a remark about his probation officer being the be all and end all. I'm pleased he got the help to become the person he is today. But from a prisoners family members point of view, and a prisoners family member who should indeed be included and welcomed in to my partners rehabilitation programme, probation are people that I have no time for, and countless other family members and ex offenders have no time for either. Ex offenders within my community mock their probation officers. At one time, possibly in Mr Cummines rehabilitation era, probation officers were respected to a degree. Not today! And I would welcome any penal reformer to visit my community to see for themselves. The UK is not called, Broken Britain, flippantly. It is called that because the majority of youths who I know, who prolifically offend, haven't got the slightest respect for a blind person walking the streets. There once was a time that criminals, no matter the crime, showed respect to their elders and others. Any probation officer in this day and age would be hard pushed to get any results! Sorry to be on downer with this, but I'm speaking from pure honesty. The day probation turned its officers in to nursery talking robots, was the day they lost all respect from their clients. My partner is 38 and his probation officer talks to him like he is about to read, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star out to him. The UK screwed it when they became politically correct nuts! It's a joke!