UK System Has Strangeways - By Lisa Graham


I am not by any means mocking any individual who has mental health issues. It's always been a taboo subject, and it shouldn't be because 1 in 4 people suffer from it. But can I ask why prison's house people who clearly don't and cannot conform to the prison rules because they are ill? My partner is serving a long stretch in prison. No offence, but his rehabilitation is often held back because of people who need professional care, not a prison sentence. I agree with your other readers that prison is supposed to be a place where criminals go to get rehabilitated. I think that went out of the window in the UK years ago! Prison's are nothing but dossing holes for those who cannot cope with the outside world. If I had the choice on whether it would be sleeping rough or prison, then yes, I would most definitely get myself in to jail. It's a roof, 3 meals a day and security without having to have any responsibility. My partner has been in prison now for just over three years. It's his first time in prison and although he would give anything to be back with his family, he actually said to me not long ago that prison isn't difficult and that you get used to the regime. The only thing that cuts him up is being away from me and the kids, but he cannot do anything about that, so he keeps his head down and gets on with his sentence. The Strangeways documentary absolutely got right up my nose. Many may have laughed at the inmate, David Charlton, ( above You Tube link ) but I didn't because like the prison officer in the programme said, he is a drain on resources through no fault of his own, because no one knows what to do with him therefore the courts just send him to prison. It's a f*cking disgrace pardon my French, but hey, that's the UK system for you!