What Price Family Ties? - by Mary

Just to say that Prison Widow and Bernie make such valid points about the cost of maintaining family ties on behalf of 'our' Government!!. Please click on the links above to read them.

How can they expect us to be able to do what they will not do? Protect our children from the stigma imposed on them by society, for a crime committed by their family member. Something which happens all too often, especially it seems in schools. S says it very well in her post where she comments about the effect this has on her children.

How can it be right that we, the families of prisoners, most of us in dire straits, one less income coming in etc., are forced to pay, sometimes outrageous travel costs to get to wherever our 'caring' Prison Services choose to send our loved ones? The cost of drinks and snacks on top of that, and yet they CHOOSE to charge inmates SEVEN TIMES the rate for a telephone call!!!.

Seems to me that we are simply cash cows. I for one am getting sick and tired of it but they 'have us over a barrel' when it comes right down to it. Lets face it, what price on maintaining family ties?

Prisoner Ben, in his blog questions the 'stupidity of absolutism'. When are our MOJ, HM Prison Services and
yes, the public at large, going to wake up to the fact that if they expect us to 'help maintain family ties', they need to stop punishing us for trying to do just that.

Another post which I totally agree with was posted by the wife of a prisoner. She talks about how pleased she is to have found a real platform for our voices in PFV. She is right, lets all use it!!