What's New? - By Prison Widow

First of all, here's wishing everyone a chilled out Sunday! So what's been happening this week then? Anything interesting? Well the, Strangeways, topic is still ongoing, and no doubt we'll get more emails after tomorrows show, and I call it a show because last weeks programme and prisoner, reminded me of, Andy Pipkin, out of Little Britain! Quite obviously prisoner, David Charlton, can walk - but won't walk! And you've got another prisoner pushing him around all day in a wheelchair! Poor sod! So what else has everyone been commenting on apart from, Strangeways? Ah yes, the little phrase from, Bobby Cummines OBE, which was:

If you put a dog in a cupboard under the stairs and give it no training or love and affection, don't be surprised when it comes out and bites you," he said.

I thought, Bobby Cummines was a penal reformer - not an RSPCA inspector? Bobby's comment by the way was that of comparing a dog with a prisoner and rehabilitation etc. He's right in a way though, because since my partner has been in prison and I've supported him, he now shakes a paw when he wants a drink and rolls over on his back when he wants a hug! The screws usually cancel my visit when he does that though, as it's not very appropriate really is it? The screws do tell him to sit and stay, so I guess HM Prison Service have succeeded in their obedience training to a degree!
Right then, I'm going to do some mundane work now - housework! Don't forget to email us with your views on tomorrow's Strangeways programme! Until then, take care and enjoy your Sunday!