Acknowledge The Online Prisoners Families Groups - By Sweet Heart

First of all, I would like to say what a brilliant platform you are providing for prisoners families. Charities and Government funded organisations should be acknowledging what you do. I only bother reading PCUK and your blog. I can read about statistics on any penal reform website so well done for being different, interesting and entertaining at times. My issue is all this talk surrounding prisoners families helping their loved ones not to re-offend. Or to reduce re-offending as it is most commonly put. Families cannot help to reduce re-offending in the current state of the system. There really is no if's or but's about that. Quite obviously the National Probation Service aren't prepared to work with families and evidently the MOJ are bothered too. As for the Prison Service? Forget it. That's simply a no go area especially when they shipping out prisoners to the other side of the country making it harder to maintain contact with their loved ones. I see my partner once a month because he is now in a prison 3 hours away. Thanks to that decision, he is practically a stranger to our children and whilst our children are growing up fast, they are talking less and less about him because they don't see him often enough. I also have a teenage daughter and prison visits are fading because she is more interested going out with her pals on a weekend than visiting her dad. It's a 3 hour journey plus for her to sit there for an hour and half staring at the prison posters on the wall because visits aren't designed to encourage bonding. We all know that. And I have read numerous posts on your blog by people saying the same. As far as I am concerned, campaigning for prisoners families and especially prisoners children as somewhat grounded to a halt. I have witnessed little change in the 5 years that my partner has been in prison. There are more facilities in the sense of visitors centres and refreshments, but that's neither here or there is it. I stop at a eatery before we get to the prison, so for me, I'm not interested in who runs what visitors centre. It means nothing apart from some charity is providing a roof and refreshments. I still have to explain to my children on the way home why the Prison Service have sent their dad miles away from home, so a visitors centre? Sorry, not interested but appreciative of shelter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not personally slating everyone here, I'm just being honest and as a partner of prisoner, I am entitled to voice how I feel and that's simply how I feel at the moment. Thank you again for a place to come and vent and share our opinions and views. I applaud the lot of you!