Arrest Should Not Happen In Front Of Children - By Gill

I have read quite a few interesting posts about police arrest in front of children in the home. Well there's only one word for it - it's cruel. In some cases, the police have no choice, I understand that. But prison recall? Half of the prisoners in jail right now are inside for recall. My hubby told me that some guys on the prison wing have recalled for the most inane things. It's pathetic! I think some probation officers who recall people for being 5 minutes late or even ten minutes late for an appointment need locking up themselves! What a bloody waste of tax payers money! Punish the tax payers why don't you, because it so happens that sometimes public transport is not reliable and therefore people might just be late for a 5 minute crap appointment with a probation officer? They need to get real! I know of a little boy who has horrific nightmares because his dad was arrested for a prison recall at home. It would have taken less than a minute for the child's mum to take him in to another room to protect him from the trauma. But no. PC plod's cuff him and sling him in the van in front of the kid. There's no need for it. It ruins innocent children's life's and to be frank, is it any wonder people are losing major respect for the British police force. They are employed to protect the public - not screw up children's life's!