Bored Ben - By The Ed

From the Ed:

I was able to visit Ben yesterday, and give him a 2 hour break from the punishment block.

He was not wearing his watch; he said that counting the hours only makes it worse. Obviously, there is nothing to do down there (except, as some have pointed out, think). No TV, no newspapers, and very little natural light so a recipe for depression, really. The "window" is a few glass bricks. He said he has resorted to making paper mache balls to stuff into the holes in the vent to stop the draught! He gets 3 visits a day; the Chaplain, a nurse and the prison Governor all visit prisoners in the block daily.

Ben has asked if people could drop him a line, just post cards would do, to give him something to read and ease the boredom. Only 3 days in, and 21 days is a long time. 10 days is more usual for a phone.

I have printed off all the comments, and there have been a lot on the phone issue, and sent them in. But I suspect they will linger in security awhile before he gets them. So maybe your comments on a postcard? Even if it is negative, say what you feel because now is the time to let him know because he has nothing else to do but read.

Ben Gunn A8761AN, HMP Shepton Mallet, Cornhill, Shepton Mallet, Somerset BA4 5LU

Prison Widow says: I'll drop him a line!