Bravo! - By Michelle

Oh my, I have just read the latest posts. I have to agree though. I for one am I regular reader of your blog because it's not boring, and that's no offence to anyone else. I know of other online groups that can't get a link up on a main charity website. I found yours through Action For Prisoners Families by the way. But I know some don't promote online support groups because they are not charity status, which in my opinion comes down to typical British snobbery. I wouldn't be so bothered to be quite blunt with you because your blog probably has more readership than most of the Government funded charities anyway. You are unique and please keep up the brilliant work. I would also like to thank Prison Widow who writes for the prison newspaper, Inside Time, because her work is excellent and apart from some of the sad stories I read on your blog, you manage to put a smile on my face with other posts. It's important that prisoners families have that humour. After all, prisoners have their own humour and banter going on, on the wings. My partner has been in prison for over 3 years and we have a lot of time to do yet. So it's really important we have have blogs like yours and support forums such as PCUK for prisoners families. Well done! Bravo!