The British System Is A Laughing Stock - By Partner Of Prisoner

Probation Depresses My Husband

I would like to reply to the above poster. ( Highlighted link )
I agree. What's the point of a 5 minute probation appointment? There isn't any point in it at all. Nothing a quick phone call wouldn't sort out half of the time. But it's the law and our partners have to attend. The reason why you have to attend is, if you don't, you'll end up back inside like my partner as. I don't want to offend anyone in the slightest, but I really haven't come across that many people who have time of day for a probation officer, because like the poster points out, and in all honesty, how can the offender and the probation officer develop any working relationship when it's 5 minutes here and there? It didn't work for my partner, and according to him it hasn't worked for a lot of guys on the wing who are in prison due to probation recall. So that in my humble opinion tells a story. There are a lot of men on my partners wing that are going through recall appeals. Some are there because they deserve to be - like my partner who couldn't be bothered going to his appointments because his exact words were - ' it's a load of crap and all she asks me is, am I alright.' There are also guys in there according to my partner that have been recalled for the most ridiculous things. So for all those ridiculous things such as being late for an appointment etc, how much exactly does an appeal cost? Ah, that's right, it does keep the Parole Board in a job though I suppose. So there's method in their madness somewhere along the line! Like the poster, I too have been along to probation with my partner and it really is a waste of bus fare. Probation officers are directed by the Ministry of Justice, I blame them. I blame those who are appointed by the MOJ, who haven't got a bloody clue what to do with ex offenders. 5 minutes of anyone's time is NOT going to protect the public. Many who are recalled couldn't give a toss. I'm hanging in the balance with my relationship at the moment, because this whole damn re-settlement thing is an absolute load of rubbish. The British System and the people who run it are a laughing stock. - ask the lads on the prison wings!